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From Kylie Jenner's butt enhancer to Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus plugging a lip balm that caused an outbreak of blood covered, blister-coated pouts, the world of celebrity beauty endorsements is a questionable one at the best of times. And, as of yesterday, that world just got a little more colorful.

Any follower of the Kardashian's Instagram accounts will know that the Klan are big fans of 28 day detox tea, Fit Tea, a product which apparently boosts your immune system, your metabolism and burns fat. There are countless "Teadoxes" on the market and celebrity endorsements for them are a dime-a-dozen, but what they don't tell you is that these drinks will leave you legging it to the closest bathroom. They're laxatives.


Yup, celebs are pushing poop.

In a dirt-digging in-depth article for Racked, journalist Chavie Lieber delved into the topic, writing:

"On the packaging, these brands promise the tea "promotes fat burning," "reduces bloating," "makes you feel light," and "cleans the digestive system." In other words: these teas act as laxatives. The primary ingredient in nearly every single evening "detoxifying" tea is senna, an FDA-approved plant found in Ex-Lax and a number of its stimulant laxative competitors."

Adding that while some of these teadox brands offer "full disclosure," most of them don't list full ingredients or just make them a real arse-ache to find.

"Those that are more upfront explain you could experience "a churning tummy" that will require you to "visit the bathroom more often," but they're also quick to assure customers that you should "not experience diarrhea" — even though many do attest to this side effect. "I am in mortal fear that I am possibly going to shit my pants," Megan Reynolds wrote in a story about using Skinny Teatox for Racked last year."

Kind of makes these selfies look a little less aspirational, right? (Although, if you scroll through the pics and imagine Kylie and Khloe sitting on the john, they're certainly more amusing.)


Although it doesn't seem that these teadoxes cause harm for those who use sensibly (i.e. not everyday), knowing that they can put you "in mortal fear that [you are] possibly going to shit [your] pants," is probably reason enough not to use them. And, while some people may be interested/unsurprised to see Bette Midler's predictions coming to life,

They may be less thrilled about imagining FitTea's latest, and weirdest, celebrity endorsement to date literally losing his shit.

Introducing Draco Malfoy and his Chamber of Tea-crets:

While I could happily sit here and make Harry Pooper and gross Leaky Cauldron puns all day, the thought of Tom Felton losing control of his bowels is a little too much for me to handle, thank you very much.


Do you think it's a bit mad that celebrities are endorsing laxatives?

Source: Racked, Instagram


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