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WARNING: The following contains both actual major plot spoilers for DC's upcoming Justice League movie, and entirely theoretical ones. Proceed with whatever level of caution your faithful English butler suggests to you is wise.

My recent visit to the Justice League set wasn't exactly short on revelations. Between Ben Affleck opening up about the changing nature of Batman, Superman's ultimate fate being confirmed, and even a first look at Commissioner Gordon's mustache, shiny new reveals were plentiful.

But there's one possible reveal that hasn't made too many waves as of yet. One that remains speculative — yet might just, if true, be kind of a massive deal.

That Justice League Set Visit Might Have Just Given Away A Huge, Romantic Plot Twist

And it's almost certainly not what you're thinking.

During the course of that aforementioned set visit, I had the chance to watch a surprisingly central scene being filmed — one in which Commissioner Gordon meets with four members of the Justice League (Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and the Flash) atop a Gotham City police station. Exactly what takes place on that rooftop isn't especially important (though you can read more about it here if so inclined) except for the fact that Ray "Cyborg" Fisher arrives halfway through the scene. The reason that matters?

One of the odd things about filming major Hollywood movies is that each and every scene takes a long time to film, since you have to film every shot from a whole lot of different angles. What that means when you're on set is that you get the chance to see exactly what every actor is attempting to get across in a given scene — far more than an edited version on screen necessarily allows for.

So, Wait, What Did This Scene Reveal?

For several minutes we had the chance to watch Gal "Wonder Woman" Gadot's reaction to Cyborg's entrance over several takes. And as it turns out, that reaction might just have been hugely revealing. Gadot's response is to smile, in a fashion that seems distinctly ardent.

It's entirely possible that her take on Diana is simply going to be particularly smiley — or that she and Cyborg became buds back when they first met, and she's just happy to see him — but the nature of her smile certainly opens up the possibility, however slight, that we could be set to see a surprising Wonder Woman/Cyborg romance in Justice League, or in the DCEU beyond.

Seeing as they're both kick-ass characters being played by ridiculously charismatic actors, this doesn't actually seem quite as out there a thought as comic book canon might suggest.

Or, y'know, they're just friends and this whole speculative train of thought is simple wishful thinking. What's more, there's certainly an argument to be made in favor of letting Diana just do her own damn thing, free of romantic subplots (with the exception of Captain Kirk in her solo movie, of course).

With a year and a half to wait until Justice League hits the big screen, we certainly have plenty of time to daydream.

Justice League is set to hit screens on 17 November, 2017.


Would you like to see a Wonder Woman and Cyborg-centric romantic subplot in the DCEU?


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