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It's no big secret that the country-gone-pop princess, Taylor Swift is quite possibly the biggest superstar on the planet. And for good reason too! In the past ten years, Taylor has taken the world by storm! Her last four albums, all falling into the country genre, Taylor Swift (2006), Fearless (2008), Speak Now (2010), and Red (2012) are some of the most successful albums not only in the history of country music, but in the history of music in general. Taylor's latest album, 1989 (2014) is no exception. Being Taylor's first all out pop album, the “New Romantics” singer has since dominated the world of pop music as well.

The 1989 World Tour, 2015
The 1989 World Tour, 2015

The world sees her as the multi-millionaire singer/songwriter who sells out stadiums and breaks world records. However, we Swifties know Taylor to be capable of much more than just music. Not only does Miss Swift have raw talent for songwriting, an exceptionally beautiful voice, and some wicked dance moves at award shows, she's also quite the little actress! While Taylor hasn't had ten years of experience on the big screen, throughout her career in music, she has taken on several small roles in movies and TV shows alike. Not unexpectedly, T-Swizzle has blown fans away with her simple skills as an actress, leaving them only wanting more of Taylor Swift on on the cast & crew list!

As a result of Taylor's confirmed break from music for a while, fans are confident that Taylor's time will be more abundant, and maybe that will lead to more roles in the near future. Rumors have already surfaced that Taylor has been approached for roles in an upcoming big name blockbuster and a wildly popular TV show!

Look suspicious? Mariska Hargitay wants Taylor Swift to guest-star on Law & Order: SVU

Taylor, Mariska, & Olivia on Twitter, 2015
Taylor, Mariska, & Olivia on Twitter, 2015

Taylor has always been very open about her obsession with Law & Order. She even expressed her love to the show by naming one of her cats after the fan-favorite character, Olivia Benson! If that's not commitment, what is?

After befriending the star of the show, Taylor has since welcomed Mariska Hargitay onstage during her 1989 World Tour and invited her to appear in her Grammy-winning music video for "Bad Blood". So, it makes sense that Mariska would want to return the love by getting Taylor on the set of one her favorite shows!

Mariska first revealed the idea to Entertainment Tonight, saying, "We talked about it. We're going to wait until the end of Swift's 1989 Tour to see how it goes. But it's in the air."


That was all said back in 2015, so when we get an answer, the world may never know. But wouldn't that be beyond awesome? Fingers crossed it works out!

John Green is a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and he wants her to appear in his upcoming book-turned-movie, Looking for Alaska

John Green, author of the New York Times best-sellers, The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns has a new movie coming out and, like so many others, he has his heart set on Taylor! Casting for his new movie, Looking for Alaska has just started and John has openly and nobly teased (aka, requested) that Taylor should play not one, but two characters in the movie from the book.

"She'd be a great Takumi," John Green told Access Hollywood when asked who he'd like to see Taylor portray in the movie, "She'd be great as The Colonel," he added, "It could be one of those movies where Taylor Swift plays every character, just in a different Austin Powers. Starring Taylor Swift, AND Taylor Swift!"

Unfortunately, John has also admitted that while he loves Taylor, he has no power over who gets cast in his films. However, he's made his plea to the Looking for Alaska casting department on Taylor's behalf, and Swifties are definitely backing him up! Hey, anything can happen, especially sense Taylor is known to be a super fan of John Green's books as well!

Taylor has made it clear via Twitter that, "John Green is my favorite writer and Cara Delevingne, Halston Sage, and Nat Wolff are some of my favorite people. Can't WAIT to see Paper Towns!"


Clearly the admiration between Taylor and John is mutual, and Swifties are all reading Looking for Alaska, thinking, "If this was a movie, Taylor would be here by now..." (pun intended). So, again I ask, when will we get a definite answer?

The 1989 World Tour, 2015
The 1989 World Tour, 2015

With music moved to the back burner for a while, fans would love to see Taylor appear in more acting roles, and Taylor usually loves to make her fans happy. At this point, we don't even care what you movie she shows up in! The question is, will the world's biggest pop star tackle the challenge?


Taylor has taken on several small roles in the past. She's been funny, sassy, mysterious, and heartbreaking on camera. Who was your favorite character Taylor ever portrayed?


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