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Janice Hosenstein (a.k.a. Janice Litman Goralni) is one of the most iconic characters to ever step foot on the Friends set. Whether you love her or hate her, you'll certainly never forget her. Most certainly, you'll never forget THAT voice, portrayed in NBC's sitcom by actress Maggie Wheeler.

1. She Has The Most Nasally Voice You'll Ever Hear

Janice's Nasal Voice In Friends/NBC
Janice's Nasal Voice In Friends/NBC

Janice's most notable characteristic is her extremely nasal-sounding voice. You will hear it from a mile away and there is no doubt as to who it belongs to. It is immediately recognizable and can be confused with no one. Ever. In All Of History. On All The Planets. In All The Galaxies. Ever. Did I say ever?

2. She Owned The Infamous Catchphrase "Oh My God!"

You think "Janice," and you immediately think of "those three words that make your balls jump back up inside your body." No one says "Oh My Gawddd" quite the way that Janice does. It'd be like trying to compete with Joey by using the line "How You Doin'?" You would simply lose every single time. In this case, anyone with working ears loses.

3. Her Notorious Laugh Symbolizes How Beautifully Annoying She Is

You know when you hear the words "Oh my god!" that one of two things will follow, if not both. The first, of course, is the name of the tortured soul, Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). The second, is Janice's goat-like high-pitched laugh that makes you cringe to the bone. Then, it will haunt you in your dreams and follow you around like Gladys from Pheobe's (Lisa Kudrow) painting.

4. She Was Chandler Bing's On-And-Off Girlfriend Before He Fell For Monica Gellar

Janice & Chandler In Friends/NBC
Janice & Chandler In Friends/NBC

Poor Janice has been dumped by Chandler far too many times (and once indirectly through Pheobe). While she's occasionally left of her own accord, there is practically nothing Chandler wouldn't do in order to end things. In fact, he once flew all the way to Yemen, just because he couldn't think of a better way to break up with her.

5. She Is Unpopular (To Say The Least) Amongst The Six Protagonists

While all the Friends characters have made a point of disliking Janice, some have made it more apparent than others. In "The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy" Chandler finds out how much Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) hated his then girlfriend Janice, who also learns of this news. Trying to make amends, Joey tries his very best to bond with Janice by spending a full day with her.

Janice: "So, I hear you hate me.

Joey: I didn't said 'hate,' I was really careful about that.

Janice: A little birdy said something about ripping your arm off and throwing it at me.

Joey: You got 'hate' from that?"

6. Janice Is The Goddess Of Coincidences

It doesn't matter if you're meeting someone over the internet, being set up on a blind date, trying to give birth in a hospital, cooking in a restaurant, testing your sperm's fertility or meeting your potential new neighbors. Chances are, Janice will find you and surprise you, only to greet you with a symbolic "oh my god!" Just when you think you've finally seen the last of her, she always finds her way back.

7. She Had A Brief Fling With Ross

After Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) finds out that his second ex-wife Emily is getting remarried, he blows off steam by taking a walk through the city — only to end up in bed with Janice. The two have a brief affair while Chandler (to Janice's knowledge) has moved to Yemen. It doesn't take long before the fling comes to an end. Why? Because Janice finds Ross too annoying!

8. She Has An Eccentric Sense Of Style

Janice's Fasion Sense in Friends/NBC
Janice's Fasion Sense in Friends/NBC

Janice's outfit never goes unnoticed. Full of shiny accessories, long fake nails, colorful patterns, fur coats, and most of all animal prints, she never blends in with the crowd — even in New York City. Always dolled up and looking her very best (in her opinion), we have learned to love and respect her odd outfits as part of her somewhat lovable obnoxious self. Phoebe may just have some competition!

9. She Gets Married And Has A Baby Girl

In a time of desperation, Chandler reaches out to Janice only to find out she is married and pregnant with a baby girl. While Janice originally takes pleasure in breaking the news to Mr. Bing, the tables quickly turn when she finds out her husband Gary Litman a.k.a. The Mattress King (Mark Cohen) is cheating on her. She briefly returns to Chandler before making amends with her dear Gary.

10. She Gets Married A Second Time And Has A Baby Boy

Janice eventually divorces Gary, only to end up re-married to Sid Goralnik (Maurice Godin), with whom she gives birth to a baby boy named Aaron. Best part? She goes into labor in the same room as Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston). The Goralnik family eventually looks for a house to raise the children in, only to find out they'd be living across from Chandler and Monica (Courteney Cox).

11. Beneath Her Very Annoying Surface (Wayyy Down) She Means Well

While she may have you doubting the precious nature of your hearing abilities, Janice has proven time and again to be a good human being. She believes in true love and gives her everything to the people she loves. She spent an entire day with Joey after finding out he hated her and even left the Friends "family" (with little tact) when she found out she might be a threat to Monica and Chandler's marriage. As if.

Chandler & Janice In Friends/NBC
Chandler & Janice In Friends/NBC

What was your favorite Janice moment?


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