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We all love a good scare, and here at MP, things are no different - whether it be Michael Myers, Xenomorphs, or Billy the Doll, everyone has their favourite things that go bump in the night. Thanks to Vimeo user Diego Carrera, prepare to start up a Scream-esque movie debate on which is the best horror film ever. Carrera has beautifully crafted the past 120 years of horror history, across 122 films, and accompanied by an equally chilling soundtrack by artist Murcof.

Starting with grainy beheadings during The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1895, we travel through the era of silent horror. Highlights include the creepy flapping mouth of the moon (The Astronomer's Dream - 1898), a top hat-wearing house (The Haunted House - 1908), and decapitated corpses (Dante's Inferno - 1911).

During the 'Golden Era' of Hollywood and the '30s we meet Bela Lugosi's all important version of Universal's staple (Dracula - 1931), American Horror Story inspiring carnival tales (Freaks - 1932), and everyone's favourite ape climbing the Empire State Building (King Kong - 1933).

As we move into colour film, expect to see Hitchcockian aviary attacks (The Birds - 1963), before back to black and white to meet the walking undead (Night of the Living Dead - 1968), and on to religious child troubles (The Exorcist - 1973).

The '80s not only contains outer-space adventures, but the boom of hotel horrors (The Shining - 1980), snowy escapes (The Thing -1982), and sleepless teenagers (A Nightmare on Elm Street - 1984).

Beyond the era of mohawks and Michael, we visit the more graphic nineties and naughties, with Hannibal the cannibal (Silence of the Lambs - 1991), Craven's meta commentary (Scream - 1996) and bathroom torture porn (SAW - 2004).

The 12-minute video rounds off nicely with last year's fright-fest The Witch, completing a spine-chilling adventure. We see sharks, chainsaw massacres, and even the all important 'final girl'. Sit back, grab a cushion and enjoy. You can check out the video in full below!

What do you think of the past 120 years of horror? Sound off below!


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