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It's been nearly two years since Warner Bros. first announced they'd optioned the film rights to the popular mobile app, Temple Run. And although they were planning to develop a live-action film franchise with Harry Potter producer, David Heyman on board, there has been no news since the initial press release regarding production dates, potential plots, or casting announcments.

And because nothing is known of the cast yet, I'm going to endulge the geek inside of me with another fantastic round of fabulous fan-casting!

Temple Run and its 2013 sequel, the wildly popular mobile apps developed by Imangi Studios, has generated millions and millions of dollars in revenue for the husband and wife team that developed the original game back in 2011. Since then, it has had a couple of successful spin-offs, including one for Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful and another for Disney/Pixar's Brave. Not to mention the numerous cheap imitations currently flooding the internet. In July 2014, the studio took the game a little further and gave the go ahead for a book series to be released based on the popular franchise. These titles, under the name of Run For Your Life series, are "choose your own ending" books, aimed at the lovers of the similar book series, Beast Quest.

The apptivity book, Temple Run Downloaded, brought new life to the characters with expanded backstories and fun little activities like brain teasers and mazes for the kiddos to play with. How sweet.

The film version would focus on "an explorer who, having stolen an idol from a temple, is chased by demonic forces"

Now, Who Could Play These Characters in a Live-Action Film?

Scott Eastwood - Guy Dangerous (name change pending)

As the assumed leader of the group, it would be Eastwood's job to lead his team through dangerous jungles, tempestuous oceans, and deadly tribal villages to seek the treasure they're so desperate to get ahold of. I'm undoubtedly sure that Eastwood could take on this responsibility, having seen him rise to the pinnacle of stardom in recent hits such as Brad Pitt's Fury and the film adaptation of The Longest Ride.

Character Description: Just your average explorer (hopefully more to come)

Francisco Montoya - Liam Neeson

Do I really need to justify the inclusion of this Oscar nominee? Liam Neeson brings respectability, an ounce of fear, and just a drop of commanding intimidation to every character he portrays. A story involving a lost explorer, who mysteriously reappears mid-movie or in a really clever post-credits scene, would perfectly suit the great Liam Neeson and bring an extra amount of awesomeness to what is already considered a risky move.

Character description: The Conquistador (also, hopefully more to come)

Emilia Clarke - Scarlett Fox

Ahh, the Mother of Dragons, the Breaker of Chains, the mighty Khaleesi. Emilia Clarke is a badass. And she's already demonstrated her adventure/action acting chops in the terrible Terminator reboot. Although that film sucked, it doesn't mean she wouldn't rock the heck out of this role. I say give her a chance, we certainly know she has it in her to take complete control of a viewers usually divided attention.

Character description: A cunning escape artist. (more to come)

John Boyega - Barry Bones

Boyega rose to instant superstardom with his prominent role as Finn in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I'm sure his current scheduling would make it hard for this brilliant actor to make time for a Temple Run movie and potential franchise, but oh wouldn't it be so worth it to see Boyega take on the role of cop turned explorer in a world of mystery, magic, and malicious monsters. Kind of like Star Wars.

Character description: A city cop with an attitude. (more to come, obviously)

Jamie Chung - Karma Lee

Jamie Chung, of Once Upon A Time fame, has risen to household name status quite easily in recent years. Her time as Mulan on the hit ABC fantasy series has given the character new meaning and depth, far beyond what Disney was able to in their early incarnation. I - and I'm sure I'm not alone - would love to see Chung take it to the next level with the skills she's acquired during her time on OUAT with her sword, applying that to whatever new layers Warner Bros. adds to character when production finally begins.

Character description: The fastest legs in the far east. (It'll get better, trust me.)

For now, it appears we'll most likely have to wait until Warner Bros. is finished with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before we hear any announcements about their Temple Run adaptation. In the meantime, youtuber Brian M Tang, has uploaded a fan-made version of what a Temple Run movie could look like. You can check that out below!

What do you think of these casting choices? Good, bad, somewhere in between? Let me know who you'd cast in the comments section below!


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