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It was pretty obvious that Darth Vader, one of the most infamous movie villains of all time, would show up in the upcoming anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The anthology film, which comes out on December 16, takes place right before A New Hope and focuses on a group of Rebels trying to steal the Death Star plans. Obviously, we know that the rebels do end up accomplishing their mission, but there must be more to the story. Darth Vader has now been officially confirmed to return in the upcoming Star Wars flick Rogue One. Even better, actor James Earl Jones is returning to voice the villain.

However, not many details were given by the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly about Darth Vader's return except that he would, in fact, be appearing.

Therefore, many questions are raised about the extent of Vader's involvement in the movie. I have a pretty reasonable -- yet exciting -- idea how he could be included.

What Role Will Darth Vader Play?

If I had to take my best guest on what role Darth Vader will play in the movie, I think it will be very similar to his role in Star Wars: Rebels. He is the enforcer of the Empire that looms behind everything and shows up when he's needed. Darth Vader only appeared in a few episodes of Star Wars: Rebels, usually when the Rebels were getting out of hand and he needed to intervene, yet his presence loomed large.

Darth Vader will probably be watching the Rebels the whole time throughout the movie. Troops will be sent at first, but the Rebels will overcome those. I think for a good portion of the movie, Boba Fett is going to be hired to hunt down the Rebels.

The actor who ends up portraying the bounty hunter in this film will most likely play him in the Han Solo anthology film. It has been heavily rumored that Boba Fett would indeed appear in the movie and I think he is a perfect foe for the Rebels to try and escape before they must face Darth Vader himself.

We will probably see Darth Vader first in a scene during either the first or second act discussing with someone -- possibly the Emperor, Tarkin, or even Boba Fett --what they should do with the Rebels. When Vader sees Boba Fett was unsuccessful in his mission to capture the Rebels and return the Death Star plans to the Empire, Darth Vader will decide it's time to take the issue into his own hands.

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via Lucasfilm
via Lucasfilm

The final battle will be Darth Vader and an army of stormtroopers trying to capture the Rebels. We will get to see Darth Vader get in some brutal kills and some awesome action sequences. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we saw some great action scenes yet they were purposely limited since all the characters like Rey and Kylo Ren were not very skilled fighters. As we know, Darth Vader is an extremely skilled opponent when it comes to lightsaber battles as he is very powerful with the Force.

I also think that there will be a Jedi counterpart to Darth Vader. I think Kanan is a very good choice for a character that could appear in the movie and then duel Darth Vader. We know that this movie is choosing to acknowledge the animated series as we have just recently discovered that Forest Whitaker's character is Saw Gerrera, who appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a leader of one of the galaxy's first group of rebels -- in this case, it was against the Separatists. Therefore, Kanan is definitely a possibility. Kanan would most likely be defeated by Darth Vader in combat.

Where Will Darth Vader End Up?

via Lucasfilm
via Lucasfilm

Vader will come out defeated from the battle attempting to steal the Death Star plans from the rebels and I think he will get heavily injured. If you watch how he fights in Star Wars: Rebels versus the Original Trilogy, they are two very different fighters. The younger Darth Vader is quicker, stronger, and agile while the older Darth Vader is slower yet wiser with all of his moves. Many fans say this is because the Original Trilogy are simply older movies, but I don't think this is the case.

Star Wars: Rebels would not give Darth Vader a totally different fighting style for no reason. Vader is definitely getting an injury that holds him back for a bit. It is really a toss-up what the injury could end up being and who -- or what -- causes it, but I think it will definitely happen.


What other characters would you like to see appear in 'Rogue One' from 'Rebels'?

What do you guys think? What will be Vader's role in 'Rogue One'? Tell me below!


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