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If you've seen the ending to the fantastic debut season for FOX's Lucifer, then you know what's coming to season two next year. If you haven't and can't wait to get all the juicy parts of the ending, here's a brief rundown.

Lucifer Got Shot And Almost Dies

Malcolm, the back stabbing, dirty LAPD Detective finally got to poor Chloe by way of kidnapping her daughter. Lucifer comes to the rescue knowing full well that the closer he is to Chloe, the chances of him getting killed become greater since his feelings for her make him mortal. Lucifer gets popped, and in the moments before death pleads to his father (God) for help one last time to save Chloe.

In the end, Lucifer dies on the floor of the hangar, and is sent back to whence he came...

Lucifer Goes Back To Hell Briefly

Lucifer is sent back to Hell, thinking that this is what his Father wanted for him and is shocked to find out that something has happened in the underworld he once ruled. Before he can dive in further, his plea is answered by God and he is resurrected just in time to save Chloe. Lucifer also gets to watch Malcolm die knowing there is no escape this time from the bowels of Hell.

Lucifer Is Scared Of What He Found In Hell

When you're in a position of existence like Lucifer, there aren't many things that will frighten you. Yet, when God revealed to his wayward son what he wanted Lucifer to do in return for his life, the revelation brought fear to the heart of the King of Hell, and he shared that with his brother Amenadiel who has never seen his rebellious brother in a state of fear.

Here Comes Mummy!

That's right! Heaven's dirtiest secret has escaped Hell, and it's none other than Lucifer's mother - Charlotte, the Mother of Angels. She's been in Hell's solitary lock-up for thousands of years due to her dislike for humanity, and now that she's free her son Lucifer is tasked with bringing her back. Season one was Lucifer coming to terms with his time on Earth, and his past with his Father, whereas season two will be about Lucifer's relationship with his Mother and dealing with her feelings toward humans since it's been revealed that she is trapped in a human form.

So who can play this particular role? First off, let me mention that Charlotte, the Mother of Angels is not part of the comic book universe originally created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth. This story is something completely new to the DC Devil's universe, and it will take us to a corner of biblical lore never before visited. So who can take on this task? Which actress can bring Charlotte to life, and match wits with Lucifer Morningstar?

Meet the Mother of Angels - TRICIA HELFER

Take it all in people! Tricia makes the perfect addition, opposite Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and brings to the table exactly what is needed to make this character work. She's been on USA's Burn Notice, Suits, NBC's Chuck and will also be seen on season 2 of the Sony PlayStation exclusive show POWERS. The Canadian actress is best known for her role on the hit Sci-Fi show BATTLESTAR GALACTICA as the Cylon Vixen Caprica Six. For those who are familiar with this role, they know why this casting is oh so perfect, but for those that don't - let me indulge you with this fan tribute to her vampish work of art as Caprica Six and it will all become clearer on why Tricia is right for the Charlotte role.

Finally, here is why Season Two will be awesome!

Fans of this show should be excited about this new road we're going on. A story like this will present an interesting dynamic for the characters that were established in the DC universe, never before explored anywhere in biblical fiction. The Devil's mother, and God's EX wife? I can already hear Tom Ellis whispering "oh the drama" under his breath while smiling at what's coming his way next season on Lucifer.

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