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The torture porn film has been with American horror audiences for over half a century (although the genre wasn't always called "torture porn"). And yet, for some reason, the early attempts to gross us out have never been touched by the desire to remake them. Until this year, anyway.

The One That Started it All

All serious horror fans know that in 1963, the splatter film was invented. It was called Blood Feast.

It's set in Miami, and is about an Egyptian shopkeeper named Fuad who worships the goddess Ishtar. He wants to present Ishtar with a feast of female human body parts. When he gets hired to cater a party for a wealthy young lady, he puts his plan into overdrive, slashing as many women as he can and taking various body parts in preparation for the feast.

Here's the original trailer:

This no-budget, badly-acted movie with a bizarre soundtrack was groundbreaking for its depiction of explicit violence, and it was a hit with the 1960's kids (their parents... not so much). This movie opened the floodgates (or maybe the bloodgates), and horror movies have been trying to get more disgusting every year since.

The One That Wants to Restart It All

In 2015, German Director Marcel Walz started a project to remake it. He introduced his project on indiegogo (this fund-raiser has been closed, so don't try to donate to it now):

The movie is said to be in post-production, and they hope to release it in 2016. According to the official synopsis, this is what the new version is about:

Fuad Ramses (Rusler) and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess Ishtar (Katz). He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms.

After this pivotal night, Fuad begins a new life, in which murder and cannibalism become his daily bread. He starts to prepare a ritual feast to honour his new mistress, a lavish affair dripping with blood, organs, and intestines of human victims. As butchered bodies are heaped upon the Altar of Ishtar, Fuad slowly slips further into madness until he is no more than the goddess’ puppet; and she thirsts for the blood of Fuad’s wife and daughter too…

The official trailer has been released:

As you can see from both the synopsis and the trailer, it looks to be a pretty different film. Moving from Miami to Paris will totally change the feel. Also, in the original, only females were killed, unless a man was in the way. This version of Fuad seems happy with murdering dudes as well as females. And the original never had any nubile ladies chewing on people.

Time will tell if this movie makes as historic an impact on the horror genre as the original did. In any case, it looks like we need to prepare for another meal in honor of the goddess Ishtar.

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