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Lucasfilm has just revealed the names of all the characters from Rogue One and the most interesting character is who Forest Whitaker is playing, Saw Gerrera.

Who is he?

Saw Gerrera isn't a new character in the Star Wars Universe but instead he first appeared in the animated tv series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In that show he is a "extreme Rebel" who fights against the Empire but his actions are morally ambiguous. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars we where first introduced to Saw Gerrera when he led a rebellion on Alderaan. Saw Gerrera has been name dropped in other Star Wars media like Star Wars: Bloodline and Star Wars: Rebels. To find out some more information on his character you can watch the official Star Wars Show where they go into more detail on the character.

Jyn Erso

We already knew who Jyn Erso is since she was prominent in the first trailer of Rogue One. From that trailer we knew that Jyn was a rebel and a dangerous one but Lucasfilm also released a statement saying that she is a Joan of Arc in this story.

Captain Cassian Andor

Captain Cassian Andor will be portrayed by Diego Luna who is a rebel that follows the rule and he is there to keep Jyn Erso under control.

Chirrut Imwe

He will be played Donnie Yen and we get a conformation on the fact that he is blind but we also learn that he is a warrior monk that is not Force sensitive but believes in it.

Baze Malbus

Baze is going to be played by Jiang Wen and we learn that he is a close friend of Chirrut Imwe but he doesn't believe in the Force like he does.

Bodhi Rook

He will be portayed by Riz Ahmed and he is the Rebel lead pilot.


He will be played by using motion capture by Alan Tudyk. He is nicknamed K-2 and has a Chewbacca like personality in a droid's body. According to Garreth Edwards he gives no sh*** about what you think.

Galen Erso

He will be played by Mads Mikkelsen and his character has been rumoured to be Jyn Erso's father and now we finally have our confirmation. Galen is a scientist who's work interests the Empire and the Rebels. It has been a rumour for a long time that he is the architect of the Death Star.

Director Orson Krennic

He will be played by Ben Medelsohn and he is a ambitious Empirial Officer who is trying to get the Emperor's attention while not getting Darth Vader angry.


You know who Darth Vader is. The most interesting thing is that it is confirmed that he will be appearing in this film.


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