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The next Spider-Man film is underway. This week starts the production of Spider-Man: Homecoming; the new venture between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. Continuing from the character's debut in Captain America: Civil War, Homecoming will feature Peter Parker's first adventure at being the Friendly Neigborhood Spider-Man. Seeing that Spider-Man has a new film ahead of him, it only makes sense that Homecoming will feature a prominent member of Spidey's Rogues Gallery. The new film has definitely gone all out in casting its villain as taking the role of antagonist is none other than Michael Keaton. Keaton was in talks to play the villain role weeks ago, but reports suggested that the former Batman was no longer in negotiations. That changed when reports stated that the Birdman star was in talks again to play the villain role, and it seems that Keaton's involvement is official. However it seems that Keaton will not be the only villain in this movie as last week it was reported that Prometheus star Logan Marshall-Green will also be portraying an antagonist role in Homecoming. It looks like Spider-Man will have no shortage of villains in the new movie, but the question is which of Spider-Man's villain will heading to the silver screen? A number of Spider-Man's enemies have already been featured in previous films, and the return of particular villains seems all but inevitable. However with two prominent actors taking positioned as villains for Spider-Man: Homecoming, the blockbuster is going to a need a combination of supervillains that works for the film. So until these parts are confirmed, here are some villainous duo I think could work for Spider-Man:Homecoming.


Since Michael Keaton has been in talks to play the villain many have speculated that the actor would be taking the role of Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. While the choice seems too obvious for Keaton to play, I cannot deny that the star would be a reasonable choice for Vulture. So if Vulture takes the role of the main antagonist, then secondary villain will need to be someone who could be a good fodder for Spider-Man. Enter Herman Schultz aka The Shocker. Shocker may not have the threat level as the likes of Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus, but Shocker has been a prominent member in Spider-Man's rogues gallery for many years. Shocker could be perfect if the film's need a secondary villain to face the wall crawler. The combination of Vulture and Shocker could work in a way were Toomes hires Shockers to commit various crimes to aid in Vulture's work. Having Vulture paired with Shocker is a strange combination but it is one that could work by showing off the various levels in Spider-Man's rogues gallery.

Norman Osborn/Scorpion

Although Vulture would be a good choice for Michael Keaton, I really like the idea of Keaton portraying Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin. Spider-Man going up against Osborn is not a matter of if, but rather when. I think it would be wise for the studios to introduce Norman Osborne early in this new set of films as he tends to play a vital role in Spider-Man's story. However I would not have Osborn transforming into famed Arch Nemesis just yet. So the film would need villain that could be an active threat for Spider-Man and I think a good choice for that position would be Mac Gargan aka Scorpion. Scorpion may not have the character depth of say Osborn, but he makes up for that with his concept of having powers similar to Spider-Man. This duo could work by having Norman Osborn turning Mac Gargan into Scorpion in order to get rid of Spider-Man. This idea would be different for the Spider-Man franchise by creating a reoccurring villain as well as an enemy that could work well for a standalone film.


One threat could be difficult for Spider-Man but what would happen if the wall crawler had to deal with two prominent villains. This could be possible if Homecoming had Vulture and Scorpion teaming up. Granted this idea would be tricky as neither villain can overshadow the the other. The film would need to explain the origins of both enemies, and that could be hard given the different nature between both characters. However if the filmmakers could find a way to make this combination to work then I think the pairing of Vulture and Scorpion could be effective as it would be a great way showcase two villains that have yet to appear in a Spider-Man film. Again making a duo of Vulture and Scorpion might be tricky to capture on screen, but it would not be impossible.


If the film wants Vulture as the primary focus, then the movie will need a strong minor antagonist that could bring something to the table. A good choice for this spot would be Dmitri Smerdyakov aka The Chameleon. Chameleon may not have the most outlandish of abilities, but the character has caused trouble for Spider-Man over the years with his skills at being a master of disguise. Chameleon could work well with Vulture by having Dmitri pretend to be Adrian Toomes which would give Toomes a solid alibi for his crimes. This pairing could also work from a comic standpoint as both Vulture and Chameleon were some of Spider-Man's first enemies. This pairing would be a subtle one, but there is no denying that it could be an effective duo for the upcoming film.

The Hobgoblin

In past films we have seen various forms of the Green Goblin; but this superhero franchise has yet to see an interpretation of the Hobgoblin. While this villain may not be at the level of his green predecessor, Hobgoblin has become a prominent villain for Spidey over the years. The interesting thing about Hobgoblin is the array of characters that have taken up the mantle. The most famous character to don the mask is Roderick Kingsley, but since then the likes Phil Urich have taken up the mantle of the Hobgoblin. This would make for an interesting concept for a Spider-Man movie as Michael Keaton could take up the role of Roderick Kingley, and Logan Marshall Green could portray Urich. This duo could work in two ways with either Urich acting as a protege to Kingley, or Roderick using Phil as his red herring to keep Spider-Man off his trail. The only issue with this idea would be introducing Hobgoblin before bringing in Green Goblin, but this concept has been done before (see Spider-Man The Animated Series). While this could be seen as strange choice I think that having the Hobgoblin as the main antagonist for Spider-Man: Homecoming could make for a different kind of villain for a superhero film.

Norman Osborn/Hobgoblin

Spider-Man facing a Goblin may not be new when it comes to the movies, but it is concept that I feel the filmmakers will eventually have to tackle. While featuring Hobgoblin before Green Goblin may seem strange it would be beneficial to feature the Norman Osborn in the story of his orange counterpart. Norman could see Spider-Man as a threat, but he does not want to get his hands dirty (at least not yet). So Osborne enlist in the help of Roderick Kingsley to test his goblin serum and use Norman's tech to destroy Spider-Man. While this could take away from Michael Keaton's presence in the movie, it would help to make the character of Norman Osborn feel like a bigger threat by building to the showdown between Spider-Man and Green Goblin. If that were the case then pairing Hobgoblin with Norman Osborn could be a great move on the studio's part.

The combination of villains for Spider-Man: Homecoming seem endless. The number of duos that the filmmakers could bring to the silver screen would be able to work in a variety of ways: whether its Vulture/Shocker, Osborn/Scorpion or the Hobgoblin. I can only hope that whatever combination awaits us in Homecoming will be one that bring something dynamic to both the Spider-Man franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man:Homecoming hits theaters on July 7,2017.


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