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I talk way too much about comic books so I hope that's cool. "Dad, you killed the zombie Flanders!" - "He was a zombie?"
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Comic books have been around for a long time now, and it’s no lie that characters in Comic Books core personalities rarely change (and if they do it's likely to not a permanent thing). To compensate for this, the writers, every now and then, inject a little fun into the status quo; creating alternative versions that allow for new and different representations of a heroes core character. Often these characters become popular, enough so that they feature or are adapted into Superhero films (see 'Old Man Logan' in Wolverine 3).

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been host to a tonne of different iterations. However, with Marvel having only recently concocted the perfect formulae to finally get the "perfect" Peter Parker onto the big screen, it is unlikely that we will see any of them in movies anytime soon. Regardless, we are going to honor these unsung alternate Spider-Men, with a look at 10 of them, who I think would make for some fantastic movies.

10. Peter Parker (Earth-8351)

Ok, cool, so it's just Peter Parker in a new costume right? Nope! In this particular Marvel universe, Peter got rid of the whole "friendly" part in "friendly neighborhood" and instead replaced it with "violent". In What if: Spider-Man vs Wolverine (2008) Parker Leaving the superhero life behind, becomes partners with Wolverine, both of them taking jobs in the murky world of Assassins... wait, Peter Parker, the assassin!? That doesn't sound right, I must be remembering it wro-

OH!...I don't think those are web shooters...
OH!...I don't think those are web shooters...

Power wise this Spider-man was pretty close to the original, with the exception of his spider sense, which had been amped up to near-precognition levels of sensing danger. Spider-Man is usually one of the most optimistic heroes out there, one who has a witty quip ready to make light of the darkest situations. So to instead have a Spider-Man that has become morally ambiguous would make for interesting film.

9. Takuya Yamashiro (Earth-51778)

Since I am mainly focusing on Spider-Men from comics, this one is kind of a half cheat, why you ask? Well because this version of Spider-man actually originated from the Toei television adaption of the Spider-Man franchise called Supaidāman (1978), and only recently appeared in comic form in the 2015 Spider-verse comic run. So in a way, this Spider-Man has already appeared on screens, just smaller screens. The TV series as you might already suspect was a very big departure from the original; it focused on the adventures of cool guy motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro, who receives his powers from the alien Garia from planet Spider, who crash landed on Earth. Still with me? Ok good, because Supaidāman has one one of the catchiest opening themes ever.

Wait hold on a second, was that a robot!? Named Leopardon!? Supaidāman had a healthy dose of Power Rangers (known as Super Sentai in Japan) injected straight into its frontal lobe. I mean Aliens? Lion themed Robots? Planet Spider?? I don't think that I need to explain why this needs to be a movie.

8. Peter Parker (Earth-90214)

In 2009 Marvel started a new alternate universe called Marvel Noir. Marvel Noir, as the name implies, changed the universe into a big crime drama, inspired by film Noir and set roughly sometime between the 1930s and 40s. Taking on a more mystical origin for Spider-man's powers, Noir took what we knew and loved about Spider-man and made it darker (literally). This Parker was no-nonsense, edgier, quick to anger, carried a gun and was far from afraid of using it. Maybe it was because it was so different that fans reacted so positively to Spider-man Noir, so much so that the character would make several more appearances across the Marvel universe; including the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man (2012) and the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (2010).

Even with powers, Spider-Man has always felt down to earth in the sense that the charter Peter Parker, goes through everyday normal struggles (that usual Parker luck), so to put Spider-Man into a Noir, Crime genre might not be as odd as you would think. Just think Sin-city meets Spider-Man.

7. Ben Reilly (Earth-616)

You might remember the notorious 1994-98 Clone Saga as the really bad one. Well, that's because it was basically the Star Wars Episode 1 of Spider-Man stories. Still yet, the ramifications of the Clone Saga narrative were felt in the Marvel Universe for a long time. The character Ben Reilly was one of the most successful clones of Peter Parker and was also the original Scarlet Spider. He took over as Spider-Man when the original Parker's powers began to fail him (making it appear at as though the original was actually the clone). Dyeing his hair blond, donning a new costume and taking on the name of Uncle Ben, Reilly served as a soft reboot of sorts for the readers.

This made way for some interesting stories including the infamous Spider-Carnage story, where Reilly is fused with the Carnage symbiote and became the Spider-Carnage. I think that the clone saga could actually do well as a movie adaptation, if anything I hope that Spider-Carnage can at least make an appearance.

6. Peter Porker (Earth-8311)

One of Marvel's stranger creations, Peter Porker, the Amazing Spider-ham hailed from a universe that was filled with anthropomorphic animals. First appearing in 1983, this Peter actually started out as a Spider who was bitten by an irradiated Pig, but retained all the powers and proportional strength of a spider. Spider-ham was clearly a more humorous take on the franchise, with other Marvel heroes and villains making appearances as different animals. Having become popular with readers, the character would cross paths with other Spider-men, both in comic and TV formats.

With the announcement of the animated Spider-Man movie, now would be the perfect time to bring the most animated and cartoon like Spider-Man to the big screen, as the comic relief.

5. Miguel O'Hara (Earth-928)

Marvel 2099 was a launched in 1992; it depicted alternate future versions of many of its most popular heroes. Miguel O' Hara (who is the first Latino Spider-man), the Spiderman of the year 2099, was another iteration that was very different to Peter Parker. Miguel is genetically imprinted with Spider DNA, gifting him with similar spider powers, along with poison fangs, talons and accelerated vision (plus there was a cool high tech costume). Miguel was arguably the most popular character to come out of the 2099 series. This is evident by the fact that he is the only major 2099 hero character with an on-going series; set in the "present time" in which Miguel is currently stuck in.

Time travel is always a fun story element in a movie, especially when it is done right. Time travel would also be one of the easiest ways to introduce multiple Spider-men into the MCU.

4. Kaine Parker (Earth-616)

The character of Kaine Parker was a creation that spawned from the infamous Clone Saga alongside Ben Reilly. Kaine was another clone of Peter, however, that Kaine was also defective; his cells were degrading, killing him slowly. For a long time, Kaine served as a foil of sorts, while working under his creator, the villainous Jackal. Years later Kaine would resurface after the Spider Island (2011) story, cured of his cell degradation and unstable mind. Kaine then sought to atone for his dark past and took on the Scarlet Spider Moniker, becoming the second after fellow clone Ben Reilly.

"All of the power, none of the responsibility"
"All of the power, none of the responsibility"

Kaine was an interesting and unique character; despite being a Parker, he relied on brute force rather than wit to solve his problems, stopping just short of killing his foes. Things were further complicated when Kaine forcibly became the host of the Other, a mystical, but dangerous Spider totem.

A more adult Spider-Man means more adult stories. Introducing the Scarlet Spider could make for a cool way to have R-rated Spider-Man movies that run parallel to the more family orientated PG-13 movies.

3. Peter Parker (Earth-18119)

In 2007 Marvel launched a four part Spider-man series "One More Day." In it, Peter sacrifices his marriage with Mary Jane in order to save Aunt May. This act also wipes the memory of the marriage as well. The majority of fans were not happy and criticized the change to the long abided status quo. Flash forward to 2015 and Marvel launches the mini-series "Renew Your Vows," an alternate story set in a world where all the heroes except for Parker were defeated, captured and harvested by the power collecting villain Regent.

Instead, Peter hangs up the costume, stays married to MJ and they raise a family together. It brought back the nostalgia days of the "family man" Peter Park, who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the Parker family safe. Especially Annie Parker, who has inherited a little "more" than just the Parker name.

A perfect mix of fun, humor and emotion, a family man Peter Parker story, would hit all the marks.

2. Dr. Otto Octavius (Earth-616)

Of all the strangest iterations of Spider-Man, Otto Octavius aka Dr. Octopus's time as Spider-Man was easily the most unexpected. Fans were borderline hostile towards the announcement in 2012. In Superior Spider-Man, Otto finally gets the better of Spider-Man, swapping minds and leaving Parker's consciousness to die Otto's broken and dying body. Now in Peter's body, Otto decided that he would prove himself to be Superior by being a better Spider-Man than Parker ever could.

It wouldn't be Dr. Octopus without extra appendages
It wouldn't be Dr. Octopus without extra appendages

Superior was a surprisingly fun series that saw a temperamental, arrogant Spider-man, who gets kicked out of the Avengers and starts his own Spider militia. Otto also made use of Peter's big brain,combining intellect with Spider powers in ways unseen before. Parker would eventually return to the mantle, only to discover that he is now a successful CEO of his own business, Parker Industries, amongst a slew of other surprises that are still emerging. Despite his defeat, Otto remains hidden in plain sight, awaiting his moment to seize control again.

Superior Spider-Man perverted everything you knew about Spider-Man, could a more focused Peter Parker who used more of his genius, be a better Spider-Man? Superior helped to show just what makes Peter a hero despite his shortcomings while also showing his potential further growth as characters.

1. Miles Morales (Earth-1610)

Miles Morales the second Ultimate Spider-Man. Morales was created to replace the Peter Parker of the Ultimate universe after he was killed by the Green Goblin in the 2011 "Death of Spider-Man" story. Being half black and half Latino, Miles is the first black Spider-Man and has developed a big fan community, despite the mixed reception leading up to the debut of the first issue in 2011. Morales received his powers after being bitten my a different Spider from peter. A different Spider type resulted in a slightly different power set, including invisibility and a venom blast, which emits a taser like shock from Mile's hands.

Mile's venom blast in action
Mile's venom blast in action

Over time Marvel decided to scrap the Ultimate Universe, fortunately, Miles popularity resulted in the character being drafted into the main universe (616) in 2016, where that Peter Parker is still alive and well.

My choice for number one is probably not too surprising for many, it's the most plausible option. After all, many fans have expressed their desire to see Miles as Spider-man in the MCU, rumours even spread for a while that the Spider-man in Civil War would be "not white". On top of that, Donald Glover has been cast to appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and if you now anything about Donald Glover it's that he is no stranger to the Spider-Man franchise.

Which version of Spider-Man would you like to see have their own movie? Would you like to see a Spider-Woman version of this list? Sound off in the comments below!


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