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The fans of Lord Of The Rings are very passionate about the story that they have fallen in love with. I have found four theories that can make us take a deeper look into the movie.

1) Hobbits truly are heroes

In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are the short childlike Hobbits that take on the journey of destroying the Ring. They do not want to be separated when they learn that the ring must be destroyed. They come to a time that they have to take different paths when that same fellowship ends. The hobbits struggle as they find themselves in different part of the realms.

Merry and Pippin are easily overlooked. They are small but that is not why this is the case. Merry and Pippin together changed the face of the battle between Saruman and the Rohirrim. They alone changed Treebeard's mind and got the Ents to go to war.

They become separated further from each other, and have to find a way to become part of the world. Merry joins the Rohirrim and anxiously waits to prove himself in battle and when he is told he can’t he is very upset.

Until when of our other Heroes sneaks him into battle. When he sees the battle of Gondor he is afraid but ready to go to war! He later has the chance to kill the leader of the Nazgul, or assisting in doing so. His actions gave Lady Eowyn with the opening to kill the Nazgul king.

Pippin is often labeled the screw up in the movies. He like his friend joins an army, The Men of Gondor. One thing that is overlooked with Pippin is that without him there would be no signal to the Rohirrim.

He does not get the title of Nazgul killer but he does get to save a lord. Because of Pippin Faramir is saved from a painful death. He alerts Gandalf of what is happening and brings him to Faramir's aid.

Helen Parshall pointed out that “the hobbit is the most humanlike out of all the species because their struggles are that of retaining innocence when faced with the horrors the world can contain.” (Unlikely Heroes) With the world turning to the world of men her point of the Hobbits being the most human is interesting. Without Mary and Pippin the turn out of the war would be very different

2) “I am no man!

One does not simply kill the Nazgul King, while saving her own king, and not be called a hero! That brings us to Eowyn. Eowyn is a true feminist and shows so in the movie. She is taking care of her sick cousin while her brother gets to fight. She finds out that she is the trophy for Wormtongue. She does get carried away with Aragon, but only because she sees him as a way of getting out of all that she hates.

Even Aragorn tells her that she can’t come with him because she is needed by her people. She would not be left behind. She wanted to fight as much as her brother. She claimed the right to do so. She also brings along Merry, not know that she is going to need him to defeat the Witch-king. She takes down an Oliphaunt while carrying Merry in front of her. Eorl, the king of the Rohan is soon taken down by the Witch-king of Angmar. His horse is killed and he is stuck underneath it. When the Nazgul tells his mount to “feast on the flesh” of Eorl, Eowyn cuts off the head of that mount and stands in front of the Nazgul. Clearly standing in front of a monster she was unnerved but stood her ground. That is a sign of true courage. Standing in front of fear and not backing down. We all know that she finished off the witch-king after iconic line “I am no man!”

3) 20 Ways the Lord of the Rings is Christian

The Battle of good and evil does not solely place the story line in just like a Christian parallel. There are many other ways that Lord of the Rings matches up to the symbolism of the Christianity.

Darkness is sweeping the Middle-earth and no matter what the characters are fighting for a small slight of hope. The ring also represents temptation that can enslave an individual. Gandalf and Saruman are both wise and powerful. The are almost Equals and Saruman even tries to get Gandalf to recognize the power of Sauron. These two would be easy to see as God and Satan.

Aragon is the ultimate symbol of Christ. He is one wondering in the wilderness and does not seek glory. Gondor is waiting for a return of their King. The kingdom is falling apart from neglect as the steward struggles to keep his command. Aragon faces the Great eye in order to get its focus on him and not Frodo.

He is the only one that has that authority. One theory suggests that when he enters the Path of the Dead he dies a figurative death. He also has power over the dead and controls the Army of the dead to fight for him.

Maybe even more important he has the power to release them from their vow so they could rest in peace. When Aragon was crowned he started his reign of ultimate peace.

Gandalf is also another dominant symbol of Christ. Gandalf stands before a huge adversary in the Balrog. He knows that the only why for his fellowship of friends is to stand before the giant creature of flames and horns and lay down his live so they could flee.

Gandalf story does not end there. He rises from the dead now Gandalf the white and has more power than his old council leader Saruman. In the character of Gandalf “Tolkien attempts to show his readers the power of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, descent into darkness, resurrection, and glorification in his new body!”

4) "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you."

Samwise Gamgee, the people's champion. He has been labeled the Chief hero by many before. He was not to be left alone even when Frodo himself told him to go home and Gollum had tricked them, when he found out that they were tricked he came back to fight for his friend. This is the beginning of his rise to becoming a Hero

The Orcs that took Frodo to their tower was not even enough to get in the way of his loyalty. He was willing to give his life for Frodo and their mission. And even claimed to Frodo that he would help him get the ring to mount doom. He gave Frodo help and even would give Frodo and the rest of us hope at the end of each movie with his motivational speeches.

In The fellowship of the ring, he would not let Frodo go on without him. He even put his own life in danger by trying to swim out to the canoe where Frodo was. In the Two towers he gives us all hope by saying “there's some good in this world… and it's worth fighting for”

Let's not forget his memorable line in the return of the king. “Then let us be rid of it... once and for all! Come on, Mr. Frodo. I can't carry it for you... but I can carry you!”

The question then comes, did Gandalf know all the long that Frodo was going to need Sam along his side. There are many times that Frodo is in the center of screen getting the center of the attention. Behind him just over his shoulder we see Sam hiking up his pack straps ready to carry on.

Understanding some of these theories we can really look at the films again. Whether it's to see some new heroes in the story line. Maybe seeing Eowyn’s need to break out of her role fights for her people and her gender. The parallel to any religion as the dark mean warriors are trying to wipe out any light. Or watching Sam step up from Loyal sidekick to a Hero. We can find many ways to enjoy the franchise over and over again.


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