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20 years after Captain Steven Hiller and the bravest cable repair man that ever lived infiltrated an alien mothership hellbent on annihilating all inhabitants of planet Earth, 20th Century Fox is giving us the sequel we've always wanted -- Independence Day: Resurgence.

Captain Steven Hiller & David Levinson
Captain Steven Hiller & David Levinson

It seems like it was just yesterday and extraterrestrials invaded Earth and destroyed all of our major cities within seconds. I could still hear President Whitmore's 4th of July speech ringing in my ears, I could still see the fireworks that littered the skies after Smith's character detonated a nuke at the alien's command center, and I could still taste all the Coca Cola product placement. However, it wasn't just yesterday. As I stated earlier, Independence Day was released in theaters 20 years ago. The blockbuster was highly successful and served as a launching pad for a young Will Smith who would later go on to become a box office legend.

With the recent love affair with reboots, remakes, and sequels, it's mind boggling that Hollywood would wait two full decades to cash in on the Independence Day property. Here's the big question -- why did Hollywood take 20 years to revisit Independence Day? Or did they? 2013's Pacific Rim bears a striking resemblance to 1996's Independence Day.

  • TV star as the action star in the movie....check
  • Alien invasion causes all 7 continents to unite for common enemy...check
  • Pilot's right hand man is killed during the first battle scene....check

The list goes on. Check out the video for the remaining similarities.

The video above highlights similarities between both sci-fi flicks. No popcorn flick is innocent when it comes to borrowing some of the popular movie tropes stated in the video and both of these films incorporate some of the popular disaster film and alien invasion cliches into their plots. Cliche's, coincidence, or conspiracy, whatever the case may be, there's no question Independence Day & Pacific Rim are connected and Pacific Rim is heavily influenced by it's 1996 predecessor and there's no doubt we'll see some of Pacific Rim's influence in 2016's Independence Day: Resurgence.

Pacific Rim Box Office Numbers
Pacific Rim Box Office Numbers

Minus the titles, the biggest difference between Independence Day & Pacific Rim are the box office results. Pacific Rim was only able to rake in $411 million worldwide on a $190 million budget. 1996's Independence Day made twice as much money without the 3D ticket sales advantage we have to day. Also, Independence Day: Resurgence will more than likely cross the $411 million threshold on only a $165 million budget. In the case of Independence Day & Pacific Rim, numbers do lie there is no clear cut superior when it comes to ranking these films. Despite the numerous similarities, fans are able to enjoy these films for tons of different reasons. Independence Day is a pleasant nostalgia trip and the cookie cutter side characters are balanced by Will Smith's loud charisma. The Kaiju and Jaegers are the star in Pacific Rim and there's no question every penny of the studio's budget was necessary to create the magic on screen. In addition, both of these films have another similarity that was not mentioned in the video -- they both definitely deserve a sequel and it's long overdue!


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