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The San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner and if you're planning on going, then get ready to lay your eyes on these fun, exclusive Funko Pop! toys. You'll have the chance to buy them and be the envy of all your friends, but plan on making it a priority when you arrive as they sell out quick!

Doctor Strange - Marvel

With Doctor Strange's solo film debuting this fall, it's no surprise that we're finally seeing a Funko portraying his film self! A recent Funko comic version of Doctor Strange recently hit shelves, and we're still waiting for the announcement of a full line for the film!

Deadpool (Thumbs Up B&W) - Marvel

With Deadpool's popularity, it's no surprise we see yet another Deadpool variant!

Green Goblin on Glider - Marvel

This one looks to be one of my favorites from this Comic-Con! Walgreens did a Green Goblin exclusive earlier this year that was hard to find, and there's a metallic one out there from a previous Con that's going for over $800 on Amazon!

Willy Wonka - Violet Beauregarde

This colorful and unique POP really adds to the existing Willy Wonka POP line that are already available! Super cute!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Scott Pilgrim vs the World has a pretty big cult following! If you want this three pack you'll want to get to their booth sooner than later!

Vampire Buffy and Vampire Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Another show with a huge cult following is the long-running Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's sister show, Angel. This two pack is awesomely unique!

Burning Walker - The Walking Dead

This nasty looking walker is on fire! The Walking Dead is one of television's hottest shows, and with so many already existing POP! figures this burning walker will be a must have for any Walking Dead fans!

Malcolm Merlyn - DC's Arrow

Another of television's hottest shows is Arrow, and this POP! figure is a really good looking one! Merlyn has been a constant part of the show, and it's sometimes hard to see just where his loyalties lie!

Doomsday - DC

Fans were split when Doomsday showed up in the Batman v Superman trailer, but he proved to be pretty amazing on screen! This 6" super sized POP! will most likely be hard to find after Comic-Con!

Superman False God - DC

This statute played a large part in the original trailers for BvS, and had held a really emotional scene in the film. Definitely a unique POP!

Hanna Barbera - Peter Potamus & So-So

These cartoon characters date back to 1964 when they first appeared on television on the The Peter Potamus Show, and will definitely become some of the rarer POP! as fans love to scoop up anything iconic from that era.

Hanna Barbera - Hair Bear Variants

Another short-lived Hanna Barbera cartoon was the Hair Bear Bunch and while we're getting three variants of the lead, Hair Bear, we have to wonder why his friends Bubi Bear and Square Bear were left out!

Duck Dodgers Glow in the Dark Blue - Looney Tunes

Duck Dodgers Glow in the Dark White- Looney Tunes

Duck Dodgers marks the first Looney Tunes POP! figures so far. If you're not familiar with Duck Dodgers google it and watch some old Looney Tunes cartoons, they don't disappoint! I'm just disappointed we didn't get a POP! of his enemy, Marvin the Martian!

Haunted Mansion Ezra - Disney

Haunted Mansion Gus - Disney

Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost - Disney

Haunted Mansion Phineas - Disney

The Haunted Mansion is one of Disney's most iconic rides after it's opening in 1992. If you're familiar with the ride, you most likely know these ghosts well as three of the four appear at the end of the ride hoping to hitchhike home with you.

Dug the Dog - Disney's Up

Up has become one of Disney and Pixar's most popular movies, and Dug the Dog one of its most popular characters. Dug is probably best known for his famous line "Squirrel!"

Pajama Jack - Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas

There are several different variations of Jack Skellington in POP! form, and this one does not disappoint. It's adorable!

Cursed Barbossa (and monkey) - Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

This is another favorite of mine from this line, the cursed Barbossa and his monkey, Jack, are two of the most unique POP! I've seen recently. I'm loving the minis that have started coming out with the regular ones!

Blossom - Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles - Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup - Powerpuff Girls

It's no surprise that we're finally getting some Powerpuff Girls POP! toys This cartoon has a huge following, and was a staple of the '90s, but when will we get a POP! of the fourth lesser known sister Bunny?

Slimer in Ecto-1 - Ghostbusters

Another beautiful surprise is the Slimer "rider" POP! figure Slimer has been a staple of the Ghostbusters franchise since the beginning, it's no surprise they're putting him in the forefront of their new film's marketing.

Marcus Fenix - Gears of War

Gears of War is one of XBox's most popular franchises, with it's original released in 2006, and three sequels since it's no surprise we have two variants of it's lead: Fenix.

Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass 4 Pack

With the release of Disney's sequel Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass it's no surprise that we're seeing a four pack of Funko's Dorbz line representing the characters.

Deadpool - Marvel

There are so many Deadpool variants out there, but his popularity must sell merchandise! This Chef Dorbz variant will likely sell quickly!

Vannelope - Wreck it Ralph

Some of the earliest POP! figures have become the most collectible because they weren't produced on mass like they are in the past couple years, Vannelope is a great example as her POP sells for over $80 on Amazon. This Dorbz Ridez may become a huge collectible!

Wreck it Ralph 3 Pack

Another Dorbz pack from the underrated Disney film, Wreck it Ralph, features our two heroes Felix and Ralph and the villain Turbo.

Batman Returns 3 Pack

Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns will always remain truly iconic! This three pack of Dorbz figures features hero Batman and the two classic villains Catwoman and Penguin. With the popularity of this film, and Batman in general, this will most likely be one of the most sought after collectibles at the Con!

Huckleberry Hound - Hanna Barbera

Another throw back to the Hanna Barbera decade of cartoons is this Huckleberry Hound Dorbz. The Huckleberry Hound show started airing in 1958 and was the first cartoon to win an Emmy!

Funko has become one of the leading toy and collector companies in recent years. Their success is in the wide variety of licensing they've been able to get a hold of. It's pretty hard to find something that hasn't been Funko-ized!


Do you collect Funko POPs or Dorbz? How many do you have?


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