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These days, it almost seems as if information regarding the latest Transformers addition is rolling out on the daily. We've already had glimpses at Bumblebee's new look, as well as been made aware of Decepticon villain Barricade's return, and even been graced with the following Megatron teaser:

Now though, we're finally learning a bit more about a brand new character making its mark because (as ever) director Michael Bay has been eager to gift fans snippets of information from behind-the-scenes of Transformers: The Last Knight.

Now, attention has been cast at the blockbuster's youngest, and perhaps most promising, star — Isabela Moner. A new image has emerged of the little lady alongside a new character called Squeeks and it's got us fans rattling with excitement.

The caption reads:

My talented young co-star of 'Transformers,' Isabela Moner. And and introducing a new character, Squeeks...

In the above image, Bay and Moner are seen kneeling against the new Autobot, but sadly, further information has remained shrouded in mystery. What we can gather from Squeeks though is that his vehicle form is a rusty Vespa that has certainly seen better days. And while his body appears to render him less powerful than the rest of his Autobot crew, the fact that the director has paid tribute to him may mean he's far more significant to the storyline than we may think.

Either way, exciting scenes are in store for Transformers 5 and we can't to see what else Bay churns out on social media from the vibrant Cuba set:

What role do you think Squeeks will play?


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