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When it comes to revivals, expectations are extremely high and casting is more important than ever. Rumor has it that Universal has Dwayne Johnson on their radar as the potential star for the remake of The Wolf Man (1941).

Universal Studios is taking after the Marvel Cinematic Universe by creating their own shared universe in the world of monsters. They will enact their monster-verse plans through numerous reboots of classic movies including: The Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein, Invisible Man, Dracula Untold and of course, The Wolf Man.

While Johnson is allegedly their first choice as protagonist, chances of this actually happening are quite slim. The Rock is super booked in the next coming years. He only has about nine confirmed productions thus far. No big deal...

Johnson is currently filming yet another sequel of Fast & Furious, entitled Fast 8, where he takes on his familiar role as Agent Hobbs. Among his other commitments are the Jumanji reboot alongside Kevin Hart, Shane Black's Doc Savage as the "world's first superhero," and DC Extended Universe's Shazam! in which he'll play the infamous supervillain Black Adam.

You can also catch him in San Andreas 2, Rampage, Baywatch, Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon, and Moana (voiced). Not only will he be acting on screen, but he will also be keeping a busy schedule as a producer.

Sony Pictures just announced their new upcoming project Son Of Shaolin, based on Jay Longino's graphic novel. Dwayne Johnson will be producing alongside his manager and ex-wife Dany Garcia and her younger brother Hiram Garcia. Johnson is also rumored to make an on-screen appearance in this movie adaptation.

Because this schedule isn't jam-packed enough, The Rock will not only be starring in the aforementioned films, but is also producing several of them. He is the producer of Baywatch, Doc Savage, and Rampage, as well as the executive producer of San Andreas 2 and the documentary Rock and a Hard Place.

So, yeah. Universal may need to supply The Rock with nothing short of a real-life werewolf bite to free his schedule enough for The Wolf Man. The reboot is planned to open in theaters on March 30, 2018, so they may just have enough time to persuade him — with the help of a few monsters.

The Wolf Man (1941)/Universal
The Wolf Man (1941)/Universal

If Dwayne Johnson can't make time for the role in The Wolf Man reboot, who would you like to see cast?

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