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The butterfly effect refers to the theory that any action, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can have large consequences at a later date. It makes sense: On an atomic level, everything in our universe is connected.

But what connects the butterfly effect with the recent revelation that Forest Whitaker will portray Saw Gerrera in Rogue One? Is it an excessive use of metaphor? Well, yeah. But it also illustrates that within the Star Wars franchise — just like atoms — everything, everyone and every event is lovingly intertwined, in one vibrant galaxy of science fiction goodness.

Linking Rogue One With The Star Wars Animated Series

When Rogue One was announced, it was confirmed the "spin-off" takes place within the Star Wars universe, although it appeared to be more of a fragile link than a full-on team-up. We now know events are within touching distance of A New Hope (1977), with Saw Gerrera's involvement binding the narrative to the animated series, Clone Wars.

Gerrara had a limited, yet impactful stint on that show, appearing across four episodes in Season 5. Along with his sister, Steela, the rebel fighter was responsible for saving his home planet in the battle of Battle of Onderon. He also linked up with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

'I'm So Proud Of The Rogue One Team'

Clone Wars (Credit: LucasFilm)
Clone Wars (Credit: LucasFilm)

Clone Wars creator, Dave Filoni, is as excited as we are at the union of all things Star Wars, and the inclusion of Gerrara. In an interview with about the recent confirmation, he said:

"I have always thought of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' as an extension of the Star Wars films, and now, here we are, seeing a character come to life in the flesh on the big screen.

"I think it’s tremendously exciting, because it’s fulfilling a promise to the fans, that this is one story, and the characters you know and love are throughout it, and influencing the story in many ways. I’m so proud of the 'Rogue One' team, and everyone at Lucasfilm. It’s a great day for Star Wars."

A Shared Fictional Franchise

The cast of Rogue One
The cast of Rogue One

It is, indeed, a great day for Star Wars. The Star Wars expanded universe spat and spluttered to life in the late '70s and '80s, but lacked conviction. These new changes point towards a Marvel Cinematic Universe level of inter-connectivity, but also point toward the changing trend in Hollywood.

Shared fictional universes are now the hot topic in the industry. Although not a recent invention, the MCU created a new level of intricacy with grand, joined narratives and characters.

Yet this news takes things a step further; not only will feature length films be linked, the entire franchise of TV shows and novels will be included. Considering the vast amount of interesting galaxies, planets and species available in Star Wars, joining everything together on the big screen is exciting news.

With events leading up to 10 minutes before the beginning of A New Hope, Darth Vader making an appearance and Saw Garrera's involvement, it's safe to say the force of the butterfly effect will be strong with Rogue One.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released on December 16.

What characters from the Star Wars franchise would you like to see on the big screen?


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