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Only a few of Universal's monsters have found the famous faces need to reanimate them, but who has the fear factor needed to take on such iconic horror heroes and make them their own?

Below are my fan casting choices that hopefully have the potential to make classic horror fans howl at the moon in sheer delight, but who gets your vote?

Wolf Man

From top left clockwise:

Benicio Del Torro (The Wolfman — 2010) — The last big-screen movie that focused on the Wolf Man cast Benicio Del Toro as the unfortunate soul afflicted with the werewolf's curse. Although the character relies heavily on prosthetics during his monstrous full-moon transformations, casting the Wolf Man is a challenge because the character is required to look both kind of hairy and suave during his human phase, which nicely brings me to my other choices.

Hugh Jackman — No stranger to playing sexy, wolfish characters, Jackman's huge star power could drag fans into movie theaters, and Universal has already proven they can pull serious casting punch by nabbing Tom Cruise for the role of Tyler Colt in The Mummy (2017).

Javier Bardem — Bardem's powerful facial features and build would make him totally believable as a half-lupine creature of the night, and we all know how threatening he can be from No Country For Old Men. I'm still terrified tbh.

Joe Manganiello — With a colossal amount of werewolfing experience thanks to his years on True Blood and the sort of face that could carry to potentially vintage styling well, Mangeniello could be the sort of dude to get fans howling at the moon.


Who would you prefer to see as the Wolf Man?

Van Helsing

From top left clockwise:

Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing — 2004) — The vigilante vampire slaughterer that we all know and love from the 2004 movie was totally slayed by Hugh Jackman and his flowing locks, but if he is not willing to reprise the role, who has what it takes to hold the iconic crossbow aloft?

Tom Hardy — Hardy has proved time and time again that he has what it takes to be the ultimate action hero badass in movies such as Bronson, Mad Max and The Revenant, and his dedication to the characters he takes on could lead to some much-needed character development for our monster killer.

Richard Madden — This is a bit of a wild card, but Game of Thrones's King of the North, Robb Stark, has that rugged, outdoors look down and he also went full action badass in Bastille Day alongside Idris Elba.

Frank Grillo — Grillo has that grizzled action-hero look down, and his heroism in The Purge demonstrated that he has the mettle to transform into Van Helsing, not to mention his role as Brock Rumlow in Captain America; in his own words:

"He is a bad-ass guy. [He] pretty much beats the shit out of everyone in the movie and that's really it."

Remind you of anyone?


Who would you like to see as Van Helsing?

Creature from the Black Lagoon

From top left clockwise:

Ben Chapman — The original 1954 Creature from the Black Lagoon was played by two actors, Ben Chapman embodied "Gill-Man" on land, whereas Ricou Browning made a splash underwater.

Javier Botet — There's no doubt this is probably going to be a MoCap work of art and Botet's contorting ability that made him famous for portraying monsters in movies such as Mama could be even more spine-chilling underwater.

Andy Serkis — Probably the most famous MoCap actor out there, I'm sure Serkis would relish the task of bringing Gill-Man to life by donning those multiple facial dots once more. With his incredibly expressive face that made Gollum totally believable in LOTR, maybe Serkis can bring more movement to the Creature's often static face.

Doug Jones — You name a monster and Doug Jones has portrayed it — from the terrifying Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth to Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus. With his contortion skills and ability to bear heavy makeup, Jones would be perfect if Universal decide to go for practical effects!


Would would you like to see as The Creature from the Black Lagoon?

Bride of Frankenstein

From top left clockwise:

Valerie Hobson — Hobson's take on the Bride of Frankenstein from the 1935 movie has become so iconic that it lives on through countless Halloween costumes and T-shirt prints, but who could be capable of recreating this timeless look?

Angelina Jolie — It's been rumored that Angelina Jolie is already being eyed up for the role, and when you look at how well she pulled off the monstrous beauty in Malecifcent, it's easy to see why. She's so damn beautiful it's almost creepy, so why not make use of it!

Mila Kunis — If Jolie doesn't take the bait, I think that Mila Kunis could really rock the role and pull off that towering hairstyle with aplomb. Her huge eyes are reminiscent of Valerie Hobson and her outstanding performance in Black Swan shows she can totally do unsettling.

Elizabeth OIsen — Olsen also has the big eyes and classic beauty to dazzle as the Bride of Frankenstein (who is, coincidentally, also called Elizabeth!) and, judging from how much she's enjoyed playing The Scarlet Witch, Olsen would probably totally be up for another creepy part.


Who would you like to see as The Bride of Frankenstein?

Do you think you have better casting choices? Share your top picks in the comments below!


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