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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Ramsay Bolton: the most evil character ever to darken HBO's doorstep, or just a misunderstood creative? Nah, didn't think there'd be much support for option two... Check out 6 of the most appallingly evil things Ramsay Bolton has done.

1. His 'Lovely Wife'

Evil Deed: The way Ramsay rapes and emotionally tortures Sansa Stark is utterly unforgivable. What a way to cement him as the show's most despicable villain.

Stay strong, Sansa.
Stay strong, Sansa.

2. Hunting For People

Evil Deed: Ramsay and his deranged girlfriend Myranda drive poor innocent Tansy into the wood before hunting her down and killing her with bow and dogs.

3. Doggy Chow

Evil Deed: Feeding his stepmother, Fat Walda, and his baby half-brother to a pack of ravening dogs.

Rickon clearly never played strategy games
Rickon clearly never played strategy games

4. Run Zig-Zag!

Evil Deed: Poor Rickon. Shot through the heart, and Ramsay's to blame. Running for his life only to be killed the moment he reaches his big brother.

5. Daddy Dearest

Evil Deed:Sure, Roose Bolton was a murderous old curmudgeon, but it is known in Westeros that no man is as accursed as the Kinslayer.

Everyone sing Cat Stevens' 'Father and Son'
Everyone sing Cat Stevens' 'Father and Son'

6. Bolton's Monster

Evil Deed: Through castration, abuse, physical and mental torture, Ramsay turns Theon Greyjoy into his sniveling thrall. Surely there's some sort of Westerosi human rights convention? No? Oh, OK.

Don't worry, it's just a sausage... right?
Don't worry, it's just a sausage... right?

Book readers will know that the fate of his other wife, Lady Donella Hornwood, is also particularly unpleasant...

Just remember: his words will disappear, his house will disappear, his name will disappear. Fuck you, Ramsay.

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Is Ramsay Bolton the worst villain ever on Game of Thrones?

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