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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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In the spirit of the many upcoming monster movie reboots, let's join Universal's monster-verse and get our gore on with some DIY arts and bloody crafts. Unless you've been blessed with a Hollywood-sized budget, it's time to turn on your creativity.

Whether you want to plan for Halloween four months early, traumatize your younger siblings, or fulfill a certain fantasy for a significant other — that's apparently a thing — then it's time to get (your hands) dirty.

1. The Bloody Mouth

Eric Northman In True Blood/HBO
Eric Northman In True Blood/HBO

Hey, vampire fetishes are growing in this day and age, where all actors cast as vamps may as well work for Abercrombie in their time off. What's hotter than a mouth full of blood, right? So when you lean in for that romantic kiss, make sure to have your blood bite bag ready to go.

According to The Guardian's Dan Martin, this is the best way to make your own bite bag (just make sure to spit out the clingfilm as soon as you're done doing whatever it is you're doing):

Rest clingfilm over the top of an egg cup. Carefully fill with fake blood and lift the edges, being careful not to trap any air. Use gaffer tape to close off. When put in the mouth the clingfilm is delicate enough that a strong bite will burst it, sending blood flying.

2. The Burst-Open Intestines

You can't just buy zombie caviar (i.e. innards) at your local supermarket (although, that would be a good precaution for the zombie apocalypse). Here's how to make a fake version of guts to distract whatever zombies come running your way:

Find a long, smooth surface, like a glass table or kitchen counter. Paint six or seven thin layers of liquid latex, letting each dry completely as you go. Then take a large amount of white kitchen roll and make a chunky rope. Carefully roll the paper rope over the latex, pulling it away from the smooth surface. Once rolled, you can either leave the guts to soak in a bucket of red liquid (so the paper absorbs it, taking on a bloody appearance), or the impatient can inject the liquid into the organs with an old water bottle.

3. The Torn Arm

This is a great prop to keep around the house in case you're feeling too lazy to move and need an extra hand. It also makes for a good laugh if someone accidentally walks in on you (unless they call the police, in which case the joke's on you).

Begin by fashioning a cardboard tube that's wider than your arm (about two inches larger than the biggest part of your arm). Make a mold by pouring alginate into your cardboard tube and sticking your arm back in it until it sets. Make sure to leave the mold inside the tube when you pull your arm back out. Fill the mold up all the way with soft silicone rubber. Once it sets (you'll know if it's solid) then uncover your arm by slowly removing the alginate.

The rubber will cut relatively easily with a sharp knife and reacts like flesh on camera, allowing for a brutal severing. If the limb is to be found detached, you can gore up the cut end with silicone bathroom sealant mixed with oil paints. Trailing tendons and veins can be added by saturating string in the sealant mix and attaching them to the bloodied end.

4. The Protruding Knife

Will Ferrell In Get Hard/Warner Bros.
Will Ferrell In Get Hard/Warner Bros.

Nothing better than convincing someone you love that your clumsiness has finally become your downfall. Or just make someone feel guilty for showing up late by telling them you've been stabbed and it's all their fault for not being there to protect you. Nothing like true love.

Buy one of those cheap classic knives (with the black and silver handles) and an aluminum bar at a hardware store. Replicate the blade using said aluminum bar and make it about an inch longer with a square tip.

Put a 90-degree bend in three inches from the end of the blade and glue the original handles to the sides of your replica. The bent-over section can be taped to an actor under their costume. To make the wound pour blood, pass the "blade" of your prop through a cut rubber tube, about an inch from the end. Attach the other end to a garden sprayer full of thin, fake blood and pump away.

5. The Organ-Exposed Torso

Return of the Living Dead/Orion Pictures
Return of the Living Dead/Orion Pictures

There's nothing more fashion-forward than walking into a room with a torn-up shirt exposing all your pretty organs. I mean really, you can't just buy that anywhere. Here is how to become an A-list fashionista:

Place a thin slab of clay on a smooth surface. Powder with talc and add skin texture by stippling with a toothbrush through clingfilm. Cut the outline of your wound, and sculpt bones and muscles (using a fork) inside. Finish off with thin snakes of clay for veins; remember to keep them wiggly. Then take a mould with casting plaster and, once set, brush six layers of latex into the plaster and peel out. Use red food color to add blood splashes and extra detail with acrylic paint.

Tape under your clothing and voilà! You're all dressed up for your next date!

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter/Lionsgate Films
Saw 3D: The Final Chapter/Lionsgate Films

What's your favorite gory gimmick?

Sources: The Guardian


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