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An episode of real-life mystery show Unsolved Mysteries may have provided inspiration for 2001's creepy, peepy horror movie, Jeepers Creepers and (when you read the details to follow) I'm sure you'll agree that the series of events are extremely similar.

The segment, which aired in 1991, focused on Dennis DePue, a wanted Michigan criminal who fled the state after murdering his wife, Maggie, in 1990. At the time DePue was hiding out in Dallas under the alias "Hank Queen," and the episode lead to his discovery — and prompt suicide —thanks to his then girlfriend and other acquaintances alerting the authorities. However, it's the actual details of Maggie's murder that connects so similarly to Jeepers Creepers.

On the day of Maggie's death, a couple was driving down backgrounds of Coldwater, MI when DePue sped past them in a large van. The pair used to pass the time on long car journeys by concocting word plays using the license plates of passing vehicles, similarly to Trish and Danny. As they continue their trip, they drive past an abandoned building where they see DePue holding a blood-covered sheet.

Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers

As if that wasn't enough, as they drive past the building, the van soon pulled up behind them and followed hot on their tale for a good few miles. When the couple tried to check the vehicle's plate info, however, they noticed the passenger door was splattered in blood and return to the building to check it out.

YouTuber Marco Polo has created a cool video which places Jeepers Creepers and Unsolved Mysteries back-to-back so you can check out the remarkable similarities for yourself:

Horror movies borrowing from real-life events of course is nothing new, however this certainly adds an extra dimension of WTF to this already deeply disturbing movie.

Jeepers Creepers 3 is rumored for release in 2017, find out more about the upcoming sequel here.

Do you think Jeepers Creepers is based on the true story of Dennis DePue?

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