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It's no secret that Hollywood is full of hunks and babes to ogle at. From Star Wars to The Avengers, True Blood to Magic Mike, there's an abundance of muscled and beautiful men gracing both the small screen and the big. When it really comes down to it though, these hunks weren't born this way, no, they've had the transformation of a lifetime! Check 'em out!

Adam Driver

Maybe the Star Wars actor grew into his ears, maybe he learned to grow hair to cover them, but this is definitely a massive transformation!

Chris Hemsworth

The God of Thunder's had one mighty transformation! From adorable and cute, to handsome and hunky, Chris Hemsworth's grown up quite a bit since the pic on the left was taken!

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum went from impersonating a cowboy, to playing a real life one for Tarantino's The Hateful Eight! The Hollywood hunk has had quite the transformation since his impersonator days!

Zac Efron

From awkwardly crimped to perfectly styled, Zac Efron's learned a thing or two since the picture on the left was taken! A good suit always helps too!

Joe Manganiello

A little scruff and darker hair can go a long way for a werewolf! Joe Manganiello's changed quite a bit since this pic was snapped, though he still has the same cheeky smile!

Ryan Reynolds

He's still got the cheeky grin, but actor Ryan Reynold's has grown up a lot since this pic was taken! He too knows the value of a little scruff!

Chris Evans

Cap' looked a little different in his younger years. A goofier grin makes this star almost unrecognisable, but he's carried it with him through the years, and like the other stars on this list, knows the value of good scruff.

Kit Harington

Everyone's beloved Jon Snow looks a little different without his signature hair and scruff, but his face remains always the same. Can't help but think he looks clueless in that pic on the left. He really does know nothing.


Which transformation surprised you the most?


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