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(Warning: The following contains some mild SPOILERS for next year's Justice League movie, as well as links to some major ones. Proceed with whatever level of caution your eternally loyal butler suggests is wise...)

Now, in the wake of a recent visit to the set of DC's upcoming Justice League movie, a whole lot of fan-pleasing details have made their way onto the interweb - including word of comic-book-faithful costumes, a mustachioed Commissioner Gordon, and a charmingly goofy Easter egg or two.

The most intriguing revelation I was on the receiving end of on set that day, though?

As It Turns Out, Ezra 'The Flash' Miller And Ray 'Cyborg' Fisher Have A Super-Adorable Relationship

Y'see, during the course of last week's set visit, it quickly became apparent that Miller and Fisher have already developed quite the rapport - with the duo spending much of their time on set goofing around with one another.

Fisher, for instance, found a brief interview with the gathered press hordes interrupted by a playful Miller, who more-or-less jumped him, and then proceeded to derail the interview in gloriously Flash-like fashion. Later, as the two were filming a key rooftop-set sequence involving the Bat Signal, Miller was asked by Snyder to turn off the signal's light during the scene - to which he responded by shouting "IN YOUR FACE, RAY".

A little later, however, Fisher managed to turn the tables, approaching Miller and, fully deadpan, telling him: "Ezra, we're not going to need you for the rest of the day. Ray's going to take your lines, if that's cool."

All of which, combined with a surprisingly humor-filled script, appears to suggest that we could well be seeing a very different sort of DC movie come November 2017. One in which it seems increasingly likely that Miller and Fisher are set to steal the show...

What do you reckon, though?


Do you think Flash and Cyborg will steal the show in Justice League?


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