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With Marvel Studios' Phase Three lineup full to bursting (with Inhumans already pushed back to Phase Four), many fans have long since given up hope of seeing their favorite Marvel franchises return to the big screen this side of 2020. Iron Man 4, for instance, seems as far away as ever — as do the Black Widow and Hulk solo movies — and the recent release of Captain America: Civil War would seem to suggest that we won't see Captain America 4 in theaters anytime soon. Heck, there's a reason we've all been speculating about Phase Four for the past year.

But as it turns out, at least one of those eagerly anticipated movies might well be a whole lot more inbound than we suspect.

Sebastian Stan May Have Confirmed Captain America 4

Yup, that's right. Asked by GQ in a recent interview if there was anything official with the next Captain America film, Stan's response was surprisingly clear-cut:

"There will be, I just don’t know when. It’s kind of like this weird mystery. It’s fun and nerve-wracking. The best way to describe it is that you just get a phone call one day that’s like, 'You’re going to report to set,' and off you go. We all get along really well, so it’s really fun. My relationship with Anthony Mackie is one of the perks of my life, knowing that man. It’s fun. It’s very collaborative. Everyone knows what the goal is; we all want to make something that’s great and different and that surprises fans. We all just assume our roles in the puzzle. There’s no drama."

While not quite a release date or official title, this sure does come across as a solid confirmation that we will be seeing Captain America 4 in the relatively near future.

Though that doesn't necessarily mean it'll get here before Phase Four — or that it'll be quite the movie you're imagining.

Bucky versus Falcon for the right to wield the shield, anyone?

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What do you reckon, though?


Are you still hoping to see 'Captain America 4' arrive during Phase Three?

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