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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you like a tricksy bit of wordplay with your horror fandom, tackle these horribly hard horror riddles. I've attacked the thesaurus and reworded the titles of these well known horror movies — can you work out which movie the clue hints at?

[Note: No other clues are permitted, so image-wise, I'm just gonna throw in some pictures of Jason Voorhees staring blankly at you while you rack your brains.]

1. Clue: Altitudinous Astriction

High Tension

2. Clue: Ultimate Terminus

Final Destination

3. Clue: Maraschino Cataract

Cherry Falls

4. Clue: The Declivity

The Descent

5. Clue: Mutt Mercenaries

Dog Soldiers

6. Clue: Erroneous Deviation

Wrong Turn

7. Clue: Grant Me Permission To Enter

Let Me In

8. Clue: Alumnus


9. Clue: Cadaverous Aurora

Dawn of the Dead

10. Clue: Chalet Pyrexia

Cabin Fever

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Tell Jason — how many did you get right?

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