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Nicholas Sparks's A Walk To Remember is judged by many to be one of his best tear-jerking romances (because, The Notebook, duh!). If you happen to live in or being planning a visit to North Carolina, the real life locations are just as gorgeous as in the movie.

Below are some of the places you can visit that you might recognize from the movie, from Jamie's house to the church Landon and Jamie are married in, but which one you would rather visit?

Jamie Sullivan's House

Where is it in real life? Wilmington, North Carolina

Full Address: 1716 Chestnut St, Wilmington right near the intersection of N 18th Street.

When Does It Feature In 'A Walk To Remember?' Jamie Sullivan's house where she lives with her father, the town's priest, appears prominently in the movie and is clearly recognisable from the adorable porch scene in the video below:

Although this is obviously private property, a lot of the key scenes really utilize the outside of the building so fans can still get their A Walk to Remember fix from standing outdoors and not bothering the owners. Everyone's a winner!

The Church

Where Is It In Real Life? Luola's Chapel at Orton Plantation, Winnabow

Full Address: 9149 Orton Rd SE, Winnabow, North Carolina, 28479

When Does It Feature In 'A Walk To Remember?' This is the adorable chapel that Jaime and Landon tie the knot in during the deeply emotional scene below:

Not a dry eye in the house!

The Alleyway

Bottom image:
Bottom image:

Where Is It In Real Life? Wilmington, North Carolina

Full Address: South Front Street, Wilmington, North Carolina. The alley is quite tricky to find because it doesn't actually have a street name. A visitor from a few years ago said the alleyway was opposite a place named Diesel Club although it is uncertain if the venue is still open.

When Does It Feature In 'A Walk To Remember?' This is probably the scene of the most memorable and emotional scene in the whole movie, where Jaimie tells Landon she's sick.

The Graveyard

Where Is It In Real Life? Old Smithville Burying Ground, Southport, North Carolina

Full Address: Old Smithville Burying Ground, E Moore St, Southport, North Carolina 28461

When Does It Feature In 'A Walk To Remember?' This beautiful cemetery is the backdrop for the impossible adorable scene where Langdon names a star after Jamie and mades us all cry.

My heart!

When a movie is so heartbreaking that even the cast need to take sentimental souvenirs, you know it will stay with you forever. And yes, I still cry every time.

What is your favorite Nicholas Sparks movie?

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