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The beloved '90s Nicktoon, Hey Arnold!, will be gracing our red-glazed screens this July 1st. Along with many other classic '90s and early 2000's films to enjoy, it's no coincidence that 2002's Hey Arnold!: The Movie will be one of the many to choose from considering its upcoming two-hour special TV movie coming in 2017. Thanks to an uploaded (yet scrapped) screen test by Brent Forrest from a few years ago, we know the film is definitely going to be worth the watch if this was one of the initial ideas for a jungle sequence:

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Screen Test

Craig Bartlett's Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie (as the special is officially named) will feature all original favorite characters, (I miss Pigeon Man so much, and hope that man makes a cameo) voice actors old and new, and finally the potential answers regarding Arnold's parents from the previous TV special, Hey Arnold!: The Journal.

Even though that installment of the beloved franchise won't be on Netflix, you can catch the full adventure on Hulu for a refresher, along with ALL seasons of Hey Arnold!. Thanks, Viacom!

With the potential success of this TV special pulling at our nostalgic Millennial heartstrings, Nickelodeon seems to be in hopes of bringing back the classic series as long as the ratings for the TV movie hold up. This can also mean the return of other fan favorites including Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life. Nickelodeon Animation Studios has already begun hiring artists to work on Rocko's in hopes of bringing the children of Millennials back to watching old front-runners and continuing their animated legacy that seems a bit forgotten (thanks to the mostly live-action takeover on the channel).

It is a widely spread idea (backed by viewership numbers) that the '90s were the golden age of Viacom's Nickelodeon channel, and they're finally noticing. The current '90s late night block ('90sAreAllThat/TheSplat) just didn't seem enough.

Get your Silver Snakes t-shirts out, because Legends of the Hidden Temple is another TV series-made-to-feature that will also be aired next year in hopes of bringing back the full gameshow. With all of these possible returning series being based on film performances, there's a lot more added pressure on the network and it has been building for a while. Relying on either mediocre decisions or lack of originality, Viacom's main concern is now keeping one of its most profitable channels not only alive, but also flourishing as it once did.

We're not passing judgement, but even though reviving old shows may be a banal Hail-Mary pass, it's not a bad idea in my book. In fact, it's a welcomed refresher that may inspire future spin-offs and similar deep-seated plots and characters.

I don't know about you, but Hey Arnold! had to be one of the most profoundly emotional and honest kids' series ever to adorn our screens compared to the current flakey, superficial lineup aimed for quick, slapstick jokes and meaningless pop culture references.

Which '90s Nickelodeon show would you like to have brought back or even made into a TV movie? Answer in the comments below!


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