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Movies! We've all seen them. We all were once engaged into a particular adventure that led us to our "Neverland's". Now with the art releasing dozens upon dozens into theaters (or DVD) each year, we can further indulge ourselves. At least I know I can. Which is why I love such an art. It's subjective, of course, but it holds something of strong value within itself. Or at least I believe it does.

I love seeing the visuals take place across a large rectangle inside a blackened room. I love a good story that follows also. One that draws me in from the beginning and satisfies my appetite before the credits start to roll. Just like the many that have played such effects on me in the past, because yes, there have been many of them and each one affected me differently than the other.

The amazing connections.

Scene from 'Interstellar'
Scene from 'Interstellar'

I can always remember the way Jake Gyllenhaal caused me to feel unease, yet, had me yearning for his next unexpected action from his stellar role in Nightcrawler. Or how I was able to tag along and escape into what seemed like eternal emptiness and adrenaline from Sandra Bullock's role in Gravity. Even the visual storytelling of failures and triumphs from Christopher Nolan's Interstellar brought a sense of realism to an epic space adventure.

Many have left a great impression on me. The majority was jotted down on my "Must Watch Again... And again. And again" list. We all have one. Take the prior films, for instance, they were there the second I finished their stories.

The amazing history.

James Dean in 'Rebel Without A Cause'
James Dean in 'Rebel Without A Cause'

But let us not forget the past. A place I didn't realize I appreciated until I saw the 1950s hit, Rebel Without a Cause. One of the best films from the late-great James Dean. I remember sitting in 'MIP,' my Sophomore year college course, watching him be—well a rebel. It was one of the first "old films" the course had introduced me to. It brought on a huge enlightenment that helped me see the inner nature of storytelling.

Now I just want to write, talk, even direct the craft for a living. From making screenplays, to writing articles about the latest up-and-coming blockbuster has me wanting to engage with every corner of it. All genres are open for business. Every aspect of it is for the taking. I may be obsessed, but it's completely healthy, I swear.

The amazing appreciation.

Scene from 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
Scene from 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

It is pure evidence that I appreciate what's given from these hardworking directors, writers, editors, composers and video photographers. Their passion is transported onto their work, which aids in my writing of such films. It absorbs into why and what I write within an article. Whether it's my thoughts (Review) of the film or my deconstructed theories within their latest trailer. It's all relevant to me.

I can even experience erupting feelings from a particular scene—e.g. Superman, witnessing the terrorist attack within the courtroom, which had covered me with chills from this year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The fictional character being exposed emotionally, yet invulnerable physically to the flames caused me to relate the scene to the work of real life firefighters. They aren't invincible, but many have seen such tragedies with their own eyes. The scene gave more than a glimpse of realism. It gave a sense of what another may or may not encounter in their life.

Even the hilarity and fervent emotions that came with 'Finding Dory' brought me to relating something with the characters. Having that enormous link to friends sprawled out in many areas, while remaining connected shows the strength of true friendships. Each of us able to laugh and quip within our inner circle is what makes us something like family. And that's exactly what made these animated characters' bonds grow closer at the end of their voyages.

I take movies and actually try to connect myself with them. I'm not shy of any form or type. Some are certainly hit and misses, and a few make the list. (I'm looking at you sequel to Finding Nemo.) But it takes patience and time to watch the stories unfold in front of me. Believe me, there were many. But I love what I love, and I love what I do which is watching, discussing or writing about the next flick that has hit the silver screen.

In the end, each of us may experience storytelling differently. If this is true, still take what's given from that film and place it to where you see fit. It's here to relieve any form of disruption in your day or night. Or to simply take you on a joyride. And if you're able to find that film that'll do the trick, make sure you enjoy every last bit of it.

Oh, and don't forget that Finding Dory is still in theaters. Go experience the next chapter of this amazing story. I believe it to be one of the best animated movies this year, and dare I say it, possibly better than the first. There, I said it. Enjoy!

Disney's 'Finding Dory'
Disney's 'Finding Dory'

What are the movies that left you in complete awe?


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