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Wolverine: He's the best there is at what he does and what he does isn't very nice. Time and time again, Wolverine has had to prove why he is the best. Sometimes it's hunting down a genocidal maniac, other times it's putting his life on the line to save innocent lives, and sometimes it's taking a stand against a friend. Here are some of the most memorable moments in Wolverine's long comic book history.

Revenge For Mariko — Wolverine Issue 57

One of the few constants in Logan's life is the death of the women he loves. This one may have stung more than most because she died by his hands. Mariko Yashida attempted to make peace between her clan and another, but was poisoned by Matsu’o Tsurayaba.

When Logan arrived, Mariko asked him to show her mercy using his claws. She said the poison worked too slow and she would rather die by his hands. Logan reluctantly agreed and with a "snikt" of his claws, he took his love's life.

Logan eventually caught up with Matsu’o Tsurayaba and cut his hand off. Logan then made Tsurayaba a promise: Every year on the anniversary of Mariko's death, he would find him and take a piece of his body. Logan made good on that promise every year save for one, when Sabretooth kept Logan occupied during another attempt to make his rival's life miserable.

Taking Out The Mob — Wolverine Issues 181-186

Hard drinkin' Wolverine.
Hard drinkin' Wolverine.

You may find this odd, but every so often Logan has a day off with nothing to do. So you'd figure that maybe he'd go get a massage, catch a movie, or just relax. But nope — in "Law of the Jungle," Wolverine overheard a guy telling a sob story about how he owed the mob a ton of money and how they had kidnapped his daughter until he paid up. Kidnapped little girl? Wolverine couldn't stand for that. He killed the guys responsible and then went to the mob boss, Freddo, to tell him that he will settle the guy's debt by killing all of the Family's competition.

Everything was going well until Freddo decided that he was going to "make Wolverine an offer he couldn't refuse." Of course Logan did refuse — who didn't see that coming? — and Freddo decided to have the father and daughter of the man whose debt was owed kidnapped. This didn't go over so well for Freddo; Logan then made a deal with Freddo's underboss to have Freddo killed for going back on his word. Naturally, Wolverine drove away snickering: "You broke my heart, Freddo."

The Real Enemy — Wolverine Issues 42-47

During Marvel Comics' Civil War, a supervillain named Nitro caused the death of hundreds of innocent people. This lead to the drafting of the Superhero Registration Act and heroes picking sides, a storyline recently adapted in Captain America: Civil War. The one thing that got lost in all of this political chaos is the guy who did the damage in the first place. Lost to everyone except Wolverine.

Logan went hunting for Nitro and once he found him, the trail lead him to Damage Control — a company that got paid to clean up after the super-people destroy things. Damage Control's CEO Walter Declun gave Nitro pills that would make his powers of explosion stronger, knowing his destruction meant more contracts and money for his company. In retribution for Declun's dirty deeds, Wolverine stabbed out the man's eyeballs.

Self-Sacrifice — Death Of Wolverine Issue 4

In Death of Wolverine, our hero no longer had his healing factor — and at the worst possible time. A time when a bounty was put on his head by Dr. Cornelius, one of the doctors who originally experimented on Logan and grafted the adamantium to his bones. Dr. Cornelius needed Logan's healing factor to help with his experiments. But since Logan no longer had that power, he was of no use to him. Dr. Cornelius sent one of his other experiments to kill Logan, who ultimately defeated the goon then went after the doc.

But before Logan could get to Dr. Cornelius he had to make a decision: Cut the adamantium feed to the experiments and use the vials of healing serum on the people dying from the surgery table or go after Dr. Cornelius. Logan cut the feed and this resulted him being covered in adamantium. Once it hardened, Logan would become encased in it forever, suffocating to death. But before he died, he caught Dr. Cornelius and killed him.

Wolverine gave his life for strangers because he was a hero. To him, it was the right thing to do. The best part of this story was the ending, wherein Logan reflected on his life during his last moments and finally realized that he could rest. "Enough" was his last thought. Logan had come to peace with what he's achieved — he'd given the world enough.

Jean Grey School — Wolverine And The X-Men

Wolverine didn't like that Cyclops was treating the younger generation of mutants more like soldiers and less like kids. And it wasn't until one of the kids, Idie, told Wolverine that killing is just part of being an X-Man. It was at that moment Logan realized that he had to do something to protect the children. He left Utopia to open the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning and brought any student or X-Man that was willing to go.

Logan didn't sit around and complain about what Cyclops was doing. He got up off his butt and did something about it. Was it the right thing to do? I think so. Logan didn't open a school that trained students to hide their powers, he just gave them a chance to be regular kids for a while; a place where they would feel safer. To me, this was the most important thing Logan has ever done and also seemed like something he should have done a long time ago. I think Wolverine would probably agree.

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