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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

There is no denying that the Empire's aiming-impaired soldiers have reached far beyond the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The stormtrooper has become quite the pop culture icon over the years, and their popularity only continues to grow.

Watch the Rogue One teaser for an early look at the new stormtroopers:

They have come a long way from their first appearance in A New Hope. The Force Awakens gave us probably the coolest stormtroopers we've seen to date; it's been awesome to see how these soldiers have evolved, so let's take a look at that evolution over the years.

The Clone Troopers

Via Lucasfilm
Via Lucasfilm

Easily my favorite troopers come from the Clone Wars era. I loved the design of the original clone troopers, and while they may not technically be the same, the clone troopers paved the way for stormtroopers.

I love the design of the clone trooper helmet. The tiny slits in the eyes and mouth look really intimidating, far more intimidating than the bulky stormtrooper helmets we know today. You could tell that these uniforms were meant to have a much sleeker design and they look more combat efficient. There is just something about the clone trooper uniform that really stands out to me and it will forever be my favorite of all the trooper designs.

These clone trooper uniforms is what made me fall in love with the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series! I could watch this series over and over again just to see my favorite stormtroopers in battle!

Rogue One Shakes Things Up A Bit

via EW
via EW

Everyone is getting really excited for Rogue One and rightfully so. The film looks absolutely fantastic and I for one can not wait to see it. Entertainment Weekly released some new stills from the film and it shows of our new -- yet classic -- beloved stormtroopers. We will see the dawn of the new trooper in Rogue One with some features that we aren't used to seeing a stormtrooper.

The design of the classic white stormtroopers is very similar to what we have seen in the Original Trilogy, but we are also getting some brand new troops that we have never seen on screen before: death troopers. This is the element that interests me most about Rogue One; while they aren't technically stormtroopers, they are mysterious, awesome, and completely terrifying.

The Classic Stormtrooper

Everyone remembers and loves the original stormtroopers. I say "original" as in the first to be seen on screen, not in the chronological progression of Star Wars. They are the stormtroopers that we know and love and to most people this design is absolutely timeless.

This will be the most remembered stormtrooper design and one that will live on forever.

The Force Awakens Used Killing Machines

We saw a drastic change to our beloved stormtroopers in The Force Awakens. They did away with the clones and willing recruits of old and used children they captured and have trained since birth. It's pretty dark and twisted, even for the Empire/First Order.

The First Order Stormtroopers had a bit of a different design that is my favorite behind that of the clone troopers. It is kind of a mix between the clone and stormtroopers, particularly in the helmet. It has the sleekness and the slits of the clone trooper helmet but still retains some of the bulkiness of the original stormtrooper design.

via Lucasfilm
via Lucasfilm

The body is quite different as well, reverting back to the clone troopers again with the sleek, fit to body design. This is really one of my favorite designs and I am so glad that the stormtroopers have evolved to this point.

Every Stormtrooper Design Is Amazing

The stormtroopers, no matter their form, are some of the most well-designed movie characters of all time. They are intimidating and awesome looking, fan favorites among anyone who is keen on Star Wars or pop culture in general. They leave a legacy that will always be influential to the costume designers of Hollywood. The stormtroopers will always be engrained in the back of my mind, no matter how terrible of a shot they may be!


Which stormtrooper design is your favorite?


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