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Have you ever noticed the Easter Eggs Pixar puts in their films? Whether it's finding the Pizza Planet truck or A113, many of us try to find Easter Eggs Pixar puts in their films. So here is a list of all the Easter Eggs that have been found in Finding Dory.

6. A113

Many companies put A113 in their films and TV shows. A113 is the classroom number at the California Institute of Arts where many Pixar staff members learned animation. They have hidden the code in all of their films to date. As you can see below, in the truck scene, the license plate reads "CALA113," as in room A113 at the CALifornia institute.

A113 plates spotted by The AtZ Show
A113 plates spotted by The AtZ Show

Also, if you look at the tags of the two sea lions, they read "A1" and "13."

5. Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet Truck first began as a means of transportation in Toy Story, but Pixar has hidden it in all their films (except The Incredibles). The truck appears at about the 17:32 mark before the squid scene. It is an underwater wreck that you can see below:

Pizza Planet Truck as spotted by The AtZ Show
Pizza Planet Truck as spotted by The AtZ Show

It's really hard to see, but if you look closely, you can make out the shape of the rocket above the truck.

4. Luxo Ball

Another Easter Egg is basically a yellow ball with a blue stripe and a red star. It makes a small appearance in the truck scene.

The Luxo ball, seen by The AtZ Show
The Luxo ball, seen by The AtZ Show

3. John Ratzenberger

Ratzenberger is "Pixar's good-luck charm." He has done a voice in every single Pixar film, whether they were larger roles like Hamm in Toy Story or smaller roles like Earl in The Good Dinosaur. He does not voice the Moonfish in this film, and instead, he voices the husband crab. You hear him at 0:53 in this trailer:

2. Darla

Many have noticed this, but in case you haven't, I'd like to point out that there is a picture of Darla in the fish hospital when Dory is talking to Hank.

Here's a closer look at it:

1. Wall-E Calendar

Here's one more: There is a Wall-E calendar in the aquarium.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

And that's it!


What was your favorite Easter Egg?

All pictures came from YouTuber The AtZ Show and pictures also come from Movie Pilot,, and the Disney Wiki.


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