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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Batman: Endgame

Have you seen the new logo for Justice League? I find it simplistic, but elegant and hopefully a sign from DC that they're trying to appease fans that Warner Bros. finally knows what they're doing. Or, I'm thinking way too much about a logo? Probably.

DC/Justice League
DC/Justice League

I recently wrote an article detailing The Joker's tattoos and what they could possibly mean for Suicide Squad! Besides that -- what do we really want to see from The Clown Prince of Crime in this movie full of antiheroes? Firstly, how much does that grill cost? I mean, it probably cost a few kids' piggy banks, right?

A Psychopathic Genius

Heath Ledger's version gave off a distinct impression that he was beyond book-smart, and his intellect could even rival that of Bruce Wayne's. Leto's Joker needs to have some sort of method to his madness. David Ayer needs to prove that he's the smartest guy in the room, just like how Nolan's Joker did it with a magic trick.

Now, I don't want a copycat version, but he'll need certain attributes to live up to the greatest villain in the history of comic books. I have a feeling that they'll use the death of Jason Todd to illustrate this point, but we deserve a better class of criminal.

I wouldn't mind flashbacks or a torture scene involving multiple choice (like a knife or grenade) -- just something that proves this is only a laughing matter to The Joker. With Harley most likely the main protagonist, I wonder how his actions towards her will make the audience feel? It's curious.

A Sense of History: All My Friends Are Heathens

The Joker shooting Babs in The Killing Joke
The Joker shooting Babs in The Killing Joke

Quite frankly, we should never know the real true story of how The Joker became the world's most notorious villain; or his real identity. However, we need a backstory to know how much hell he's put Gotham through during Batman's tenure as the Caped Crusader. If I was right in my previous article, then don't expect The Joker to be a hilarious clown and expect him more like Hannibal Lecter. He's going to be really pissed off and probably more sadistic than we've ever seen before. Is that even possible?

Someone could mention The Joker's name to Amanda Waller, when they're building up the squad. She could list off a few of Joker's greatest atrocities and now we finally have a sense of what he's done in the DCEU. Or, we could find out from him, while he's being treated by Dr. Quinzel. It'd be quite terrifying hearing his version of his nefarious acts with a smile on his face.

His Love of Batman and His Hatred For Harley

DC Comics/The Joker/Death of the Family
DC Comics/The Joker/Death of the Family

If you've read Scott Snyder's run on Batman, then one thing sticks out more than anything: The only person The Joker loves in this world is Batman. With every person the Joker kills or every plan that he hatches, he believes he's helping Batman become the best hero possible.

Suicide Squad must use this in order for us to better understand (I know, it's almost impossible) Mr. J's motivations. Because when Batman actually hurts The Joker, the drama will be a marvelous cinematic experience. How amazing would it be to actually see a Joker where his feelings are hurt?

I really hate the fact that DC is taking Harley's choice away -- in terms of her not choosing to take a bubble bath in acid to complete her transformation. Mr. J will never love Harley. Simply, she'll never be Batman. Harley is one of the most popular characters in the world, and you'd be smart to guess that she'd be allotted quite a bit of screen time in the upcoming movie -- and rightfully so!

Also, one must conclude that The Joker will probably be one of the main antagonists in the movie as well. This will allow for DC to build history and also a major selling point for all fans. By having him as the villain, you can have a huge dramatic moment between he and Harley. I'd love to see when she realizes that she doesn't need him any more and how he reacts. This just sounds too good to pass up, right?

Leto's Joker in the DCEU: In Conclusion

I could rant for hours about what we'd like to see in DC's Suicide Squad. Basically, we want a kick-ass story full of villains (antiheroes), and enough world building so that we can fully understand Justice League without a ton of exposition in that movie.

I've read that Wonder Woman will be set in both the future and the past, therefore this movie has a monumental task of realizing the DCEU for future events. This movie has a chance to fill in gaps of history through villains, that Batman v Superman was sorely lacking. Marvel's MCU started with Iron Man, so, there was no need to really tell us what happened previously. Instead, DC has a Batman whose been kicking ass for as long as it takes to drink legally in the United States!

Ayer will have a tough task of balancing out Joker's involvement in the movie. Too little and people will feel unsatisfied and too much. Firstly, we need to get a sense of history of what the Joker's done prior to this film. Secondly, we need to get a status update on where he fits in the criminal underground.

Also, I'd love to hear how other heroes view him as well. Amanda Waller could really explain the state of affairs for the DCEU in this movie.

We need to see The Joker do some unspeakable acts while he's being the most charismatic person in the world. Lastly, we need to find out if he's still in love with Batman, or he's filing the equivalence of an arch-nemesis divorce. Either way, is it August yet?

How Excited Are You For Suicide Squad?


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