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In 2003, Pixar captivated audiences with a glimpse of the ocean that stuck with us for years. As Pixar started to make a couple sequels, people started clamoring to more of our favorite fish, and in June 2016, they gave us exactly what we wanted. Finding Dory is the movie that is great for kids who weren't around 13 years ago for the original, and a delight for the overgrown kids that were.

I remember watching Finding Nemo when I was little. I remember those spectacular seascapes that Pixar had crafted for the movie. I remember how authentic the characters felt, and I remember how connected I felt to them. I remember everyone talking about this movie, and I know for the last 13 years, we've all still been talking about it. Which is why it's so special that Pixar delivered such an incredible film. Finding Dory takes what was great from the first movie, and turns it up to 11.

One of the pitfalls of a sequel is the flanderization of characters and personalities. Flanderization is most certainly not an issue with Finding Dory, though. The returning cast of characters retain the personalities that made them so unforgettable, and added even more dimension to them. The new cast of characters manages to be just as charming, funny, and timeless as the originals. It's this fantastic troupe that Disney|Pixar use to guide through this new adventure. Characters like Hank the octopus and Bailey the beluga whale are standouts in a sea full of memorable creatures.

All of this is to say nothing of the breathtaking view that Pixar has been able to craft. In 2003, we knew that Pixar was capable of incredible CGI. They've proven that time and time again. What's remarkable is just how much they've improved on the original. The colors, textures, and just overall panoramic shots are absolutely stunning throughout the film. The way grains of sand flow and pieces of kelp move really do make it difficult to forget that this isn't real life. When these views are paired with the great score by Thomas Newman, you'll be hooked in the best way possible.

Best of all, the movie had heart. Pixar didn't forget how to make the kind of stories that made them absolute legends in the business; they gave us the story that will definitely go down as unforgettable. While, yes, it's a sequel, it's the best kind of sequel, the kind that truly adds value to the original and really deserves to have its story told. And boy am I glad I was there to see it!


If you've seen Finding Dory, what did you think?


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