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I love horror movies. I guess you could call me an addict, and if they had a support group, I wouldn't attend.
Cindi Prewitt

Let me share with you a story of a young girl. She was attached to her tv, hoping for the monsters to come alive. She hid in the dark, longing for something to happen. She yearned for the silence to crack. She relished in the thought that the house would come unhinged at any moment. She hoped no one would believe her, in the mere concept that the fantasy would be all her own.

The Conjuring 2 takes you back to the time where although you tucked yourself into your bed so tight, you secretly wished there was a creature underneath. You hoped to be shocked, for the hairs on your back to straighten, and for the goosebumps to set your nerves on fire.

At first, I started to get disappointed with this movie. My cynicism grew. I was growing upset because this was going to be another movie wasted; another 10 dollars thrown in the trash. It was the music that drew me back in. It was the thought of things lurking in the dark. It was my inner child crawling out from under the gore, with a gleam in its eye.

Now, it can't all be good. There are parts where the cheese starts getting thick. But it is something about this franchise. Maybe I have a soft spot because of my slight love for the first movie. Maybe I am a sucker for anything that blast "based on a true story" across the screen. I didn't lose hope. Although it can feel a bit campy, there were legitimate times during the movie where my skin crawled, my heart sank, and I actually jumped in my chair.

What I enjoyed the most was the actual disbelief happening inside the movie. I'm not one for spoilers so I will never spill, but you may say to yourself during a certain scene, "I knew it". It won't last, but it is nice to know that The Conjuring 2, just like the last, fills the loop holes. It keeps you on your guard. This movie pulls you in, even during the cheese, and even when you are certain you can not take anymore creatures jumping out of the screen and into your soul.

I didn't pee my pants, but I certainly questioned the silence. I worried what was lurking in the dark. Lastly, I will never erase from my mind the sound and visions of old joints, wrapped in old, grey skin, encasing themselves around a wall, waiting to grab me, and pull me into the darkness.

Take this movie for what it is - a genuine, scary, creepy ghost story, that will leave your inner child screaming for just one more scare.


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