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I practically have an entire novel of youtubers which I am subscribed to and I can say to subscribe to all of them but I wanted to help out a certain YouTuber from Australia has been rising quickly but still deserves more subscribers: Chris Stanley AKA Cosplay Chris. I first found his channel several months ago when I was browsing through YouTube in search of reactions to the second trailer of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I just saw a thumbnail of a guy reacting to the trailer while wearing a replica of Affleck's cowl and I just had to watch it. From then on I started checking out his other videos and now I look forward to each video he puts out.

So I'm here to promote his channel by giving five reasons to click that "subscribe" button.

1. He's A Dork

And that's not a bad thing. Chris has a tendency to do some random and very silly things in his videos and said things I couldn't resist making GIFs for.

Okay well that last one was not on purpose but still hilarious.

2. The Toys

Well he doesn't get them: he makes them. Well that's also incorrect: first he gets a toy that lacks on detail, paint, or just doesn't look all that good and customizes to be a bit more movie accurate or just simply better looking. He also shows the process of him customizing his figures/toys so if you're ever into making a custom figure of your own, I suggest watching his videos to learn. To me his best customization of a figure was the Armored Batman from Batman V Superman.

3. He's a Nerd of Everything!

Rick O'Connell Cosplay
Rick O'Connell Cosplay

Marvel, Star Wars, Nightmare on Elm Street, Uncharted, the Mummy, Mad Max, and of course DC. For the most part, he puts a lot of focus on Batman stuff but he does many other things too such as a Kylo Ren mask customization, an Uncharted 4 review, and much much more. So if you're interested in reviewing and/or reacting to DC stuff, Star Wars stuff, etc., you have that to look forward to.

4. He's an overall nice dude.

Other than his strange silliness at times just seems like a cool guy you'd love to just hang with and chat which is what I always want in a YouTuber: real personality. There are some YouTubers out there who are so phony that you can just feel it emanating off the screen and that is just not the case with Chris: he always seems honest and since he's so likable it just adds to why I like his channel so much.

1. The Cosplaying

Well we can't talk about Cosplay Chris without talking about his cosplays since you's in his name. With his love for Batman and especially his love for the Knightmare Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comes what is definitely the biggest thing about his channel: the construction of a screen accurate cosplay of Knightmare Batman which took him a very long time to make. Want to see it in action? Check out the fan made trailer for Knightmare Batman he made.

He's also done quite a few cosplays including Rick O'Connell from the Mummy (one of my all time favorite movies) which I showed above, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, a Wolverine cosplay, another Batman cosplay, a Freddy Krueger cosplay, and now his newest project: Pirate Batman.

All of his cosplays are exquisite and once again, he gives gives instructions in how to make this stuff so if you want to learn how to make cosplays then his videos will help. If you're not a cosplayer then you can still enjoy what kind of creations he comes up with.

So there you go: five reasons to go over and subscribe to Cosplay Chris. A cool guy making some cool content and I say congratulations to him for reaching over 100,000 subscribers but he deserves over 1,000,000 so SUBSCRIBE TO HIM NOW...or no matter what you do, where you go, the Bat will be watching you.

Don't look behind you...he's there.
Don't look behind you...he's there.

Hope everyone enjoyed this article!


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