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Captain America: Civil War has come and gone, but it got me thinking: What would the Civil War look like in the DCEU? Just suppose that Amanda Waller spearheaded a movement to put into effect an act similar to Marvel's Superhuman Registration Act. Which of our heroes would be in favor of it and which would be against it? Here's how I see things shaking out!

Team Registration


Believe it or not, Superman would not only be on Team Registration, he'd be its leader. Superman would be in favor of cooperation with the government, but still would believe (mistakenly, especially if Amanda Waller was involved) that the government would be willing to allow supers to operate under their own rules.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman would definitely be pro-registration because not only does she have a number of high-powered political friends, she would believe that government cooperation is necessary to make the supers behave themselves. Her relationship with Steve Trevor, the government liaison to the Justice League, would also have a huge influence on her decision as well.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan, like Wonder Woman, has a number of political allies. Moreover, since Hal is actively a member of the Air Force, should he choose to oppose the Registration Act, he could be faced with a military tribunal on charges of treason. Furthermore, if Hal were to side against the government, he might face disciplinary action (if not expulsion) from the Green Lantern Corps as well.


Like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, Hawkman is no stranger to cooperating with government forces and might believe that aiding them is the only way to achieve any lasting success. Hawkman, having been a member of the police force back on Thanagar, would certainly seek to remain on the side of the established government, even if the government was wrong.


While Victor Stone lacks the government connections that much of Team Registration have, he would still side with them if only because he just wants to fit in. Following government orders gives him something to fight for, and Cyborg is one who definitely wants to make a difference and would most likely feel this to be the best way to do it.

Team Opposition


Batman would be the very public face of Team Opposition. Batman has his own code, his own methods, and would almost certainly feel that the Registration Act would place upon the Justice League a lot of unnecessary restrictions about what they can and cannot do. Consequently, he would be the most vocal advocate against the Registration Act.

The Flash

At first, this sounds crazy, but hear me out. Barry Allen is a CSI investigator and frequently works with the Central City Police. I realize that. But he, like Batman, has his own code of ethics that governs his actions. He would no doubt feel that the government's Registration Act is an intrusion into a field they have no business entering in the first place.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter certainly has no love for the government, especially after their brutal treatment of him on Supergirl, so it's fairly obvious why he'd be anti-registration. He and Batman would almost certainly be the poster children of the resistance movement because neither is willing to back down, even in the face of overwhelming odds.


Since Aquaman is an actual king, that means he not only has to worry about himself, but also has to consider how the ramifications of his actions will affect those under his rule as well. This being the case, it is unlikely that he would want Atlantean resources and technology turned over to the government and would therefore side against registration.

Green Arrow

Be honest. Did you really think Oliver Queen would be on Team Registration? I mean yes, he's the mayor of Star City and all, but he still runs around at night dressed as a modern Robin Hood in the concrete jungle. Green Arrow's vigilantism and relationship to Batman would definitely be factors in Queen's allegiance to the resistance force.

Well, those are my views on the who's who of DC's Civil War! Disagree with my arguments? Think I left someone out? Comment below!


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