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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Season 6 of Game Of Thrones. If you've yet to see all ten episodes then return to the previous page, as there are too many spoilers ahead. A man does not like spoilers.

The sixth season of Game Of Thrones has come to an end, and like many of you, I'm devastated. However, we must learn to look at things in a positive light and the best thing that I can take from this unfortunate situation is that we now have another incredible season to re-watch. Re-watching the season can bridge the gap until the series returns next year, and Season 6 is easily Game of Thrones' best season yet.


There were so many stand-out moments and character decisions, we'd be foolish to not reflect upon them. So without further adieu, let me take you back over the 11 stand-out moments from Season 6.

11. Arya Fights Back

A girl is Arya Stark (Image Credit: HBO)
A girl is Arya Stark (Image Credit: HBO)

Arya's stabbing was a moment that shocked the world — and led to several different theories from worried fans who couldn't accept what they'd witnessed. Thankfully, her wounds were not fatal and (although many questions still surround the issue) Arya rather quickly recovered to ultimately defeat the Waif. Her chilling words to H'ghar as she stormed out of the hall of faces meant that the feisty girl from previous seasons had returned. She wasn't no-one after all, she was Arya Stark of Winterfell.

Arguably one of the most confusing scenes from the entire series, it left fans wondering not only the point of this entire storyline, but why we never saw a weakened Arya defeat the Waif and also how a weak Arya recovered so quickly.

Nevertheless, it was a series of awesome scenes! Arya made clear that she was returning home and H'ghar never stopped her from leaving. Will H'ghar return? A man must wait and find out.

10. The Crown and The Faith United

A holy alliance between the Crown & the Faith (Image credit: HBO)
A holy alliance between the Crown & the Faith (Image credit: HBO)

The Faith storyline has to be one of my favorites. I've thoroughly enjoyed the way that it's played out and I must admit that I was stunned when Tommen announced that there would be an alliance between The Crown and The Faith.

Although it was obvious that Maergery had a plan and was merely playing the High Sparrow, Tommen's alliance meant that Cersei could not exact her revenge and she was now at the mercy of her own son. Of course, Cersei had her resurrected friend, The Mountain, in her corner, but this unholy alliance made it clear that things were going to be difficult for the people of King's Landing.

Moreover, as episodes went on it became obvious that the High Sparrow was influencing Tommen's decision — the primary example being the abolishment of the trial by combat format. It was a thrilling twist in the storyline that left us wonder what could possibly happen next.

9. Melisandre Resurrects Jon Snow

I'm not a God (Image Credit: HBO)
I'm not a God (Image Credit: HBO)

After months of speculation, the second episode of the season finally gave us the moment that we'd all been waiting for! Davos entered Melisandre's chambers and asked her if she possessed the ability to revive Jon Snow. As the episode neared its conclusion, Melisandre tried and tried, but to no avail. After she exited the room we waited and waited.

Finally, Jon awoke and the entire fandom jumped with joy. The beloved Jon Snow was back. As the series progressed, Jon appeared strangely more confident than his former self and was, on occasion, even a little funny!

Why Melisandre was able to resurrect Jon has led to some serious speculation, but the lady herself insists that The Lord of Light brought him back to serve a purpose. He left the Night's Watch and prepared to take on Ramsay Bolton in one of the most anticipated battles in TV history.

8. Daenerys's Speech

Are you with me? (Image Credit: HBO)
Are you with me? (Image Credit: HBO)

As Dany was on her way back to Meereen, she knew something was missing. Moments later, she returned on the back of her beloved Drogon — who had been absent since he rescued her from the fighting pits last season. After an emphatic landing, Dany spoke to her Dothraki khalasar.

It was a goosebump-inducing moment as Dany repeated the words that Khal Drogo had told her seasons ago, asking the men if they would "ride across the black salt sea" and tear down her "enemies in their iron suits."

The horde cheered for their khaleesi as Drogon let out his own victory roar. Here, Dany proved that she can lead.

7. Jon Snow's heritage is revealed

If Robert finds out (Image Credit: HBO)
If Robert finds out (Image Credit: HBO)

Jon Snow's parentage has long been an issue among fans of the series. Many believed that Jon was not Ned Starks bastard child and tonight's episode proved them right. As Bran induced another vision, he found himself back at the tower with his younger father.

Ned raced to his sister, Lyanna, and discovered that she'd given birth. She begs Ned to take care of the child — It is finally confirmed Jon Snow is Lyanna Starks child.

I'm sure the fandom is over the moon that their theory has proven to be correct! But this means that Jon Snow serves much more of a purpose than he's currently aware!

6. White Walker attack & Hodor reveal

Hold the door! (Image Credit: HBO)
Hold the door! (Image Credit: HBO)

In arguably the saddest character death in history, Hodor succumbed to the strength of the White Walkers. However, it was hard to process his death as it came with an enormous reveal: As Bran was trapped in his vision of the past, a young Wylis (Hodor) fell into a fit and started yelling "Hold the door." This was happening simultaneously with the present-day Hodor attempted to hold the door and save Bran from the White Walkers.

In the past, Wylis's mumblings changed from "Hold the door" to "Hodor," which lead us to believe that following his fit while he was younger, Wylis/Hodor was forever cursed with repeating his final words — "Hodor."

The fallout of the moment and what Bran's visions may entail left the entire fandom in shock. It made us realize that Bran's visions could impact the entire series and every storyline in it.

Sleep well, my friend. Your watch has ended.
Sleep well, my friend. Your watch has ended.

5. Daenerys Emerges From The Flames

None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am (Image Credit: HBO)
None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am (Image Credit: HBO)

Dany has had a tough time on the show, but she had come so far, only to have an arrogant Dothraki leader take advantage of her. So, in typical badass Dany fashion, she insulted the Dothraki — including the unlikeable Khal Moro — and set them all alight. It was obvious that she took a little delight in setting her primary captor Khal Moro on fire.

As the khals and khaleesis (as well as Jorah and Daario) all watched on in horror, Dany emerged from the burning building.

Naked but unharmed, the Mother of Dragons had made her presence felt and the entire audience bowed in her honor. Her words had come to pass — she will lead the Dothraki.

4. Daenerys Sails for Westeros

It's a moment that we've been waiting for since Game Of Thrones' first season, and in the Season 6 finale, we finally saw Daenerys set sail for Westeros. In a beautifully filmed sequence, Dany stands among her trusted advisors as the ships sail across the Narrow Sea and her beloved dragons circle above.

It was bittersweet that she had to bid adieu to Daario earlier in the episode, but now the real game can begin. Moreover, the fact that Cersei currently sits on the Throne is more than enough reason to anticipate a battle of epic proportions.

Dany is on her way — Cersei had better watch out!

3. The Battle of The Bastards

If I fall, don't bring me back. (Image Credit: HBO)
If I fall, don't bring me back. (Image Credit: HBO)

It was bold, it was brutal and it was poetic. The battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton was everything that it promised and more. From the two armies going head to head, to Jon punching the life out of Ramsay, everything was perfect. "The Battle of the Bastards" proved to be the most expensive episode in Game Of Thrones' history thus far and it's clear to see why that is. Jon fought for dear life and although Sansa ultimately came to the rescue, the Starks proved once and for all that Winterfell belongs to them.

Watching Sansa get her justice as Ramsay was devoured by his dogs was beautiful. Iwan Rheon's presence will be missed on the show, but Ramsay Bolton got what he deserved. It'll be hard for show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to top this episode, but I'll happily watch them try!

2. Cersei's Revenge

Shame (Image Credit: HBO)
Shame (Image Credit: HBO)

We knew the season finale was going to be action packed; unfortunately we had no idea just how action packed. In the opening scene, Cersei failed to show up for her trial. After moments of deliberation, Margaery worked out what Cersei was planning. Unfortunately for Margaery and Loras, the High Sparrow wouldn't let them leave the Sept of Baelor.

Underground, barrels of wildfire exploded, taking the High Sparrow and all in the building with them. It was a brilliantly executed, unpredictable moment that left us all both heartbroken and satisfied.

The music was thrilling and the scene played out beautifully. The fandom wept for the loss of Queen Margaery. Enter Mad Queen Cersei — who is now ruling over the Seven Kingdoms.

1. Daenerys Takes Back Control Of Meereen

Dracarys (Image credit: HBO)
Dracarys (Image credit: HBO)

In arguably the best scene that Game Of Thrones has ever done, Daenerys stood up to the masters of Slaver's Bay, who have been making her life miserable for several seasons now. This season, the masters tried to re-take Meereen, but the Mother of Dragons wasn't giving up without a fight.

Arguing that her reign was just beginning, Dany took off on Drogon — accompanied by Rhaegal and Viserion — and reclaimed her city.

Uttering that terrifying word, "Dracarys" as Drogon unleashed hell (quite literally) on the Masters' ships. Afterward, she claimed the ships as her own, which gave her enough ships to take her khalasar to Westeros.

It was one hell of a season and it's going to be fun re-living these awesome moments again and again. Our hearts may be broken that Game of Thrones is over for another year, but that's a testament of how good the show is. Fear not, my fellow Throners — only ten more months to go until our watch begins again.

What was your favorite moment from Season 6? Tell me in the comment section below!


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