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On the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, a character strikingly similar to Goku appeared and absolutely dismantled Future Trunks! Trunks escaped in his time machine to the past just before Black Goku could destroy him. This ominous figure appears to be following Trunks to the past with the power of a magical ring. But who is this mysterious villain and what does he mean for the Z fighters?

Who is Black Goku?

Who is this character and where did he come from? Is he even "Goku" at all? Future Trunks and Mai refer to him as only "Black" despite the fact he looks exactly like Goku. Some fan theories claim he is an alternate version of Turles, Goten, or Bardock but Black Goku doesn't seem to identify as a Sayain. When he meets up with Trunks he calls him "Sayain" in a seemingly derogatory manor, which would be awfully strange if he were a sayain, too. Is he a God of Destruction? It's definitely possible, considering that there once were 16 universes and now only 12. He could be hopping from universe to universe destroying them. Is he a Demon Supreme Kai a.k.a. Makaioshin? The Potara earring in his left ear must mean something, but that's pure speculation. Is he an alternate universe Goku who never bumped his head and became pure evil? We won't fully know who he is until episode 53 titled: Black's Identity Revealed! which airs July 24th.

Goku vs. Black Goku

The next episode of Dragon Ball Super, which airs July 3rd, is titled Goku vs Black, which means Goku and his doppelgänger are going to throw down! This is fantastic for a show that I thought might get boring with the introduction of Super Sayain God and the even more ridiculously titled Super Sayain Super Sayain God (sheesh). Who better to hand a big fat L to Goku than a mirror image of himself. It also appears that after Goku takes a whooping (at least in his first bout with his evil counterpart) and Gohan and Trunks (and perhaps Vegeta?) get their shot at the villain in episode 52: Gohan and Future Trunks.

It's Time for Something New From 'Dragon Ball Super'

This saga has crazy potential! Vegeta could finally defeat his rival without actually killing Goku! Gohan could have to face the decision of killing his "father." It could be a situation where if Black Goku dies, so does "our" Goku. Let's get crazy with Dragon Ball Super! I haven't given the show much of a chance because I'm not 12 anymore and the repetition of Dragon Ball Z isn't appealing as it once was. If you don't understand what I mean by that, I'm talking about how a new villain shows up, everyone gets their asses handed to them, then Goku reaches a new level and eventually saves the day. The only saga where this didn't happen is the Cell Saga and that's my favorite! Let's see the return of fusion! I'd love to see Super Sayain God Gogeta/Vegito! Gohan and Future Trunks can fuse for a different version of Gotenks! I really don't care! I just want someone besides "Mary Sue Goku" to hand the final blow to Black Goku! Even if it's a character we've never heard of, like an unknown God of Destruction, I'd be happy. And I swear if he's killed by a Spirit Bomb I might never watch any new Dragon Ball material ever again.

You've heard endless fan theories and now you know my opinion, but I want to hear yours! If you love the Dragon Ball series let me know what you think will happen with Black Goku in the comment section and vote in the poll!


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