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When it was announced that 'Vampire Academy' would get its movie adaptation, Richelle Mead's fans were ecstatic. Then, the movie came and it didn't perform quite as well as it'd be expected, sadly making Vampire Academy a stand-alone film.

The fandom has every right to feel disappointed at the low chance of a sequel - or even a TV show - because Richelle's book series were rich with great moments that would look amazing on the big screen. Guardian Rose Hathaway and Moroi Lissa Dragomir shared a deep bond of friendship never really shown in the movie, while Dimitri Belikov embodied everything a girl could wish for - as Rose would tell you!

Here's a countdown of 5 of those moments in the 'Vampire Academy' series, ranging from the immediate follow-up 'Frostbite' to 'Last Sacrifice', the last in the series.

5. Rose's Trial

Vampire Academy - Queen Tatiana
Vampire Academy - Queen Tatiana

Queen Tatiana and Rose never really got along, but when Rose was accused of Queen Tatiana's murder and imprisoned to await her execution in 'Spirit Bound', we were hoping against hope. It turns out, it really pays out to have some hardcore friends who would go as far as using C4 to help you break out of jail, as seen in 'Last Sacrifice' - plus having her father as her lawyer wasn't half bad.

A bonus here was Rose figuring out that Tatiana actually respected her, in some way. The letter that Tatiana left before she died entrusted Rose with the protection of Lissa, and pretty much stated there was no one else the Queen trusted more with the Princess' life.

4. Rose, the hero

Vampire Academy - Rose Hathaway
Vampire Academy - Rose Hathaway

In 'Frostbite', the second book in the series, Rose has to pair up with Christian Ozera to help three Damphirs - one of whom is her friend Mason - escape some Strigoi who had the help of humans. Rose absolutely kicks some serious butts as she beheads two Strigoi and gets her first molnija marks.

Not exactly a bonus, but Mason's death was particularly hard because he absolutely loved Rose and he died trying to go to her aid.

3. Strigoi Dimitri

Vampire Academy - Dimitri Belikov
Vampire Academy - Dimitri Belikov

This was hard to read, so we can only imagine how intense it would be to actually see it on screen. In 'Shadow Kissed', after the attack on St. Vladimir's, Dimitri, Rose and her mother planned a rescue for the Moroi abducted by the Strigoi. Things took a turn south and Dimitri was killed, turning Strigoi and leaving Rose - and the whole fandom - in tears.

As a bonus, we can pretty much include all the heartbreaking moments afterwards, when Dimitri tried to control the evil in him for the sake of his love for Rose.

2. Russian Time

Vampire Academy - Rose and Dimitri
Vampire Academy - Rose and Dimitri

'Blood Promise' is a personal favorite - for many reasons but - mainly because it gave us time to mourn the loss of Dimitri alongside his own family. The time Rose spent living in Russia with Dimitri's family - and carrying for them - showed us just how deeply she truly loved him and that she'd go to any lengths to fulfill her promise to kill him if he ever turned Strigoi.

It's hard to call Abe a bonus - since he's such an awesome character - but Rose meeting her father in Russia and he giving her his family scarf was especially sweet.

1. The Cabin

Vampire Academy - Rose and Dimitri
Vampire Academy - Rose and Dimitri

It envolves something in the lines of Rose, Dimitri and a cabin in the woods, though fans will remember this as the one time where everything seemed right in the world. It's hard to say if Rose losing her virginity to Dimitri is the reason why 'Shadow Kissed' is the absolute favorite in the fandom, but it's quite a no-brainer why this scene made number 1.

Those would look great on the big screen, wouldn't you say? Now it's your turn:

What moment from the Vampire Academy book series would you most like to see if we ever get a sequel?


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