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During a Q&A made recently on Facebook (and on a treadmill!), Stephen Amell shared some exciting insight about the fifth season of Arrow. Answering the infinite amount of questions asked by fans, Stephen revealed that a character we haven't seen in two full seasons of the show would make its return next year.

And since I had some time to kill, I've concocted a little list of characters the most likely to make a comeback next season.

Clock King

William Tockman is one of the rare villains in the Arrowverse who have appeared in both Arrow and The Flash. While Robert Knepper is always a blast to see on screen, I always felt that Clock King had been underused as a villain, not exploited to his full potential. A new appearance of the character would help diminish the bitter taste his sole appearance left on the show.

Moira Queen

Moira's murder by the hand of Slade Wilson was certainly Arrow's most beautifully written death to this day. Her last words emphasized everything that made Moira such a capable and vital character in Oliver's life. We've already seen Tommy in season two and three, but a return of Moira is yet to happen. Could season five mark the return of the beloved character? We certainly hope so.

Walter Steele

Moira's death also signified the end of Walter on the show. We haven't seen the character since his ex-wife's funeral at the end of season 2. Walter got mentioned during season four, but Colin Salmon was regular on the TV show Limitless, that sadly got canceled, and was certainly too busy to make any appearance on Arrow. Now that his schedule has cleared, could we see Walter make his return during season five?

The Huntress

Since her first appearance, Helena Bertinelli quickly became a fan-favorite. Trained by Oliver before she turned her back on him, The Huntress is one of the most complex and compelling characters who ever appeared on Arrow, and was at first an ally before she became consumed by her hatred of her father. Therefore no wonder her potential return on the show is heavily awaited by fans. And also, Birds Of Prey of course.

Anatoly Knyazev

It hasn't be made yet clear at the moment, but let's be honest, Anatoly is the character most likely to return next season. He fits in line with the flashback storyline which is heading to Russia, and the Bratva has been more or less confirmed for season five. We haven't seen Anatoly since he left the island thinking Oliver sacrificed himself for him in the flashbacks.

We know that Oliver is going to Russia to honor the promise he made to Taiana. And in an unknown and hostile country, he'll be looking for the only friend he knows he has. And if the present storyline is at all linked with the past, we could see Anatoly in a more prominent capacity next season.

Arrow returns this fall on The CW.


Which character do you think is returning to Arrow next season?


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