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What really is the greatest superhero movie of all time? This has been a question that moviegoers have been arguing over for years. Instead of continuing a troll-ish argument about which movie is better and disregarding other people in the argument because they are Marvel or DC fans, it is time for us to put it to a vote.

This time, there are no critics. There is just us — the fans. In the first round, we put together what we thought were the 16 greatest superhero movies of all time. In the second round, we had eight. Now, after saying goodbye to some fantastic movies like Spider-Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Civil War and even the 1989 Batman, we are left with four finalists. (Winner may or may not be decided by a dance-off, see below.)

In this round, we will knock out two of them. The remaining two will go onto the final round, and one will be declared the greatest superhero movie of all time. Which film will receive this amazing honor and go down in history?! Cast your vote below and may the best movie win!

1. Deadpool (2016) or Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Both of these movies are drastically different from each other, so this will be a tough one to choose. On one hand, we have Deadpool. Not only is this 2016 film the highest-grossing R-rated movie in history, but it is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Instead of making the occasional comedic quip during a fight like the Avengers will do, Deadpool makes more raunchy moves like penis jokes, sexual innuendos and, (not as raunchy) will break the fourth wall. A lot. Deadpool was a very innovative and enjoyable superhero film that really showed how flexible the sub-genre could be.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, on the other hand, is a fantastic film. It is innovative like Deadpool, but goes in a totally different direction. Instead of taking the classic "hero vs. obvious villain" approach that most superhero films take, The Winter Soldier took us on a wild ride as neither the hero nor us knew who was a hero and who was a villain. The entire platform of the Marvel Cinematic Universe shattered as the only group we could trust, S.H.I.E.L.D., turned out to be a facade for Hydra, leaving Captain America to clean up the mess and decipher who to trust and who not to. The Winter Soldier added a political thriller element to the superhero sub-genre, and it appears that superhero movies may never be the same again.


Which one do you think was better?

2. The Avengers (2012) or The Dark Knight (2008)

And here we have what has been described as the two most ground-breaking superhero films in history.

The Avengers introduced the concept of a Cinematic Universe, which numerous other franchises are now using, including DC. Critics have described The Avengers as the perfect film, as it carries elements of comedy, drama and action while still holding together a well thought-out plot. Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, you must admit that The Avengers is a fantastic movie that superhero movies in the future will strive to live up to.

The Dark Knight is another fantastic superhero film, and I'm sure we all know what the best part of it is: Heath Ledger's Joker! Ledger put on an Oscar-winning performance as the classic Batman villain, adding the perfect element of insanity into the movie. At the beginning of the film, we see Batman living a stable life of fighting crime; nothing can go wrong. But when Joker comes in and mucks everything up by just being, well, Joker, Batman's life falls apart. He loses the trust of his city, he loses the love of his life, and he lets the last good man in Gotham become a villain himself. It is a truly moving and emotional movie that will never fail at entertaining an audience.


Which one do you think was better?

And with that, Round 3 is also complete. Thank you for casting your vote. I can't wait to see which movie ends up as the best superhero movie of all time as decided by you, the fans. Be sure to subscribe to may page to stay tuned for the Final Round!


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