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With all the news coming out from the recent visit from the set of DC's Justice League, it got me thinking about my wants and expectations from the movie. Here are four things I'm hoping for when Part One hits in November 2017.

1. A new and improved Superman

As someone who enjoyed Man of Steel I was disappointed with how Superman was portrayed in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was mopey and not really the beacon of hope that he should be. So with his "death" and eventual resurrection, it is the perfect time for a rejiggering of his character and make him the DC Universe's premiere superhero.

2. A less xenophobic, one-dimensional Batman

I liked Ben Affleck's portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman but there were a few things I found disturbing. How he was very gung ho about killing Superman was the main thing especially since his main problem seemed to be because he was an alien. One thing to be wary but it came off as someone who genuinely wanted to kill someone just because they were different.

3. A new interpretation of The Flash

The Flash is tricky because there is already a version of The Flash on a weekly television series. This brings up an interesting conundrum that has yet to really be seen. There will be two versions of the same character running simultaneously. So the best bet is to go for a complete different take on Barry Allen/The Flash for the movie universe. There will obviously be some similarities but differences will make the movie version stand different from the television one.

4. The beginning of a true DC Cinematic Universe

As much as I enjoyed Man of Steel and had my issues with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it is getting a bit tiring of seeing worlds of superheroes just being treated with mistrust and hate. Not saying that there isn't a place for that as it would be impossible to imagine a world where heroes are universally accepted. However, Batman v. Superman was full of cynicism and it's time for something to be done about that. Something I have always loved about the DC Universe were that these heroes were full of legacies and had inspiring people for decades.It's time that that feeling got to the big screen.


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