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We're gearing up for the release of Suicide Squad in a few weeks, and the marketing is in full swing. We've had new posters teasing the team's roles, and now there's a music video from Lil Wayne and Imagine Dragons, which has snippets of extended footage from the film.

A lot of this is stuff we've seen before, but right at the end there's an interesting clip which looks like it's taken from the Joker's origin story itself.

Did you spot it?

Before He Became The Joker

This clip shows Jared Leto's clown fiend in a padded cell, and interestingly enough he isn't sporting the tattoos that have now become infamous. He's laughing manically, in true Joker tradition. Could this moment be part of a flashback, telling the story of how the Joker went from a maniac to a full-blown super villain?

There have been many different origin stories for the Joker over the years, and as he's the world's most unreliable narrator we can't trust any one of them. In the traditional version of the story, the Joker was a small-time crook before taking a dive into a vat of acid (courtesy of Batman). This turned him insane and the Joker was born.

If Suicide Squad is following this version of events, the above clip could be taken from when the Joker was arrested, just after his acid-vat dip. That would be really interesting to see, especially as we're seeing Harley Quinn's origins in Suicide Squad too.

Belle Reve Gets Gassed

Of course, there are plenty of other tiny snippets of new footage, and you better believe we're going to examine each and every one — like the apparent gassing of Belle Reve:

Is this gas, or smoke from fires in the cells? Could be the work of El Diablo — a breakout attempt perhaps?

Harley In Her Cage

There's an extended shot of Harley licking the bars of her cage, because who wouldn't want to see more of that:

She better watch out though — the bars have a live current running through them so Harley's guards can get her to back the hell off and stop sexually harassing them.

Poor Harley, she's just trying to have a little fun.

The Joker Um, Twitching

Yeah, that's pretty much it. The Joker's jerking around, and he seems to be pretty pissed off about something.

Maybe something isn't going according to his grand plan, whatever the heck that is.

Boomerang In Battle

In the midst of what looks to be Suicide Squad's climax battle sequence, here's Captain Boomerang reacting to something big and glowy.

Could it be that there are more supernatural monsters for Task Force X to face, possibly sent by Enchantress?

Boomerang & Harley: BFFs

Ok, maybe bffs is going a bit far, but there's a cute little clip of Harley and Boomerang as they march into battle, and they already seem to be two of a kind.

The "Blitz" trailer showed us a lighter side to Suicide Squad, with the gang all going for drinks post-battle. It seems as though this might be one of the high points of the film, which is all to the good — the dynamic between the members of Task Force X is one of the most interesting and fun in the DC comics, and we can't wait to see it onscreen.

Did you catch any more plot hints in the music video or the trailers?


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