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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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Dwayne Johnson has been on top of the world recently, keeping busier than ever. We don't know how he's fitting this into his already jam-packed schedule, but in his own words "it's time to change the game."

He is certainly doing exactly that, because when it comes to announcing a new YouTube channel, this is undoubtedly a game-changer. Raising the bar for YouTube stars everywhere, it won't be long before The Rock breaks the internet from getting too many subscribers at once.

Take a look at the unconventional trailer for his big announcement:

The mock-movie trailer begins in a mystical fairytale-like land, discussing the ominous secrets of a forest. In a melodramatic manner, an all-powerful voiceover dominates the audio with over-the-top predictions about the impact of such an innovative idea.

Throughout the clip, we are held in suspense, waiting to find out what exactly this nonsense is all about in the first place.

"It has the power to change the course of history and challenge humanity to rethink everything. The only question is, when this change rocks the world, will you be ready?"

Oh boy, are we ready?! If this is any indication of what The Rock's YouTube channel will be like, then where do we sign up? (That was rhetorical, obviously you just click on the "Subscribe" button.)

While Johnson was away filming Universal's Fast 8, he enlisted YouTube star Lilly Singh (a.k.a. IISuperwomanII) to debut his teaser at the 2016 Vid-Con digital-video conference in Anaheim, California. In this clip, he announced the launch date as July 18, so the world had better get ready!

The Rock is no stranger to social media, with over 122 million followers in total across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In fact, he's technically had his own YouTube channel since November 2005, but paid little attention to it.

He is completely rebranding his channel, renaming it Seven Bucks Digital Studios. Produced alongside Studio71, the project will be overseen by Scott Brown (Larry King Now), the entertainment company's director of digital content.

The YouTube channel will feature Johnson's own personal videos, an original scripted action series, and other content such as highlight projects from Seven Bucks Productions, a multi-platform production company co-founded by The Rock.

"Something larger than any of us is happening," announced the trailer. Fortunately, Johnson will not change the game on his own. The channel will not only broadcast monthly collaborations with top digital talent, but it will be sharing content created by others with the same revolutionizing goal to "inspire, motivate and entertain.”

Just when we're beginning to think we've seen it all, and that we have a pretty decent understanding of what our social media platforms can be used for, someone like Johnson "alters our perspective on life as we know it."

He isn't the first to get innovative when it comes to spicing things up on social media. Recently, the first ever movie to appear on Snapchat was released by a group of Internet celebrities in the form of a hoax.

Has The Rock's Trailer Convinced You To Subscribe To His New And Improved YouTube Channel?

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