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No spoilers ahead from Game Of Thrones Season 6! :) But there are some from ASOIAF books.

Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost was MIA from the epic fight scene in last week's "Battle of the Bastards," but there's one other direwolf that's been MIA for even longer: Whatever happened to Nymeria, Arya's wolf?

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Let's look back on Nymeria's finest hour — when she sunk her teeth into the sadistic freakshow that was Joffrey Baratheon:

As too often happens to the heroes in Game Of Thrones, Nymeria's bravery came at a price. She didn't die, but she would have if Arya hadn't had the sense to send the animal away, White Fang style:

Now, in the books, we get to check in with Nymeria periodically via Arya's warg-like dreams where she sees through her former pet's eyes as she leads a pack of man-eating regular wolves around Westeros. In fact, it's Nymeria via Arya's dream that pulls the dead body of Catelyn Stark out of a river:

By now [Nymeria] was tiring, and it was all she could do to pull the body back to shore. As she dragged it up the muddy bank, one of her little brothers came prowling, his tongue lolling from his mouth. She had to snarl to drive him off, or else he would have fed. Only then did she stop to shake the water from her fur. The white thing lay facedown in the mud, her dead flesh wrinkled and pale, cold blood trickling from her throat. Rise, she thought. Rise and eat and run with us.

Nymeria / HBO
Nymeria / HBO

If you haven't heard of Lady Stoneheart yet, you can learn all about her here. But the short version is that she is the resurrected undead body of Catelyn Stark that haunts Westeros, taking her revenge on Freys and Lannisters. We haven't seen her turn up in Game Of Thrones yet, but given how her body find its way back to shore in the books, could hers and Nymeria's return to the show happen in the same episode?

Now that Arya is planning her trip back to Westeros and the Starks have retaken Winterfell, we could see a reunion for a girl and her dog coming up very soon. Let's hope that it involves turning the entire House Frey into kibble.

Nymeria Attacks Joffrey / HBO
Nymeria Attacks Joffrey / HBO

While he might only be talking about the books, in an interview with Mashable, George R.R. Martin spilled that we haven't seen the last of Nymeria and her wild pack:

"You know, I don't like to give things away. But you don't hang a giant wolf pack on the wall unless you intend to use it."

Game Of Thrones will return this Sunday with the Season 6 Finale "Winds Of Winter" on HBO. Check out the trailer here.

Do you think Nymeria will return to Game Of Thrones?

Arya Sends Nymeria Away / HBO
Arya Sends Nymeria Away / HBO


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