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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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Ian Gordon, a musician, writer, and amateur filmmaker has fashioned his own covers of several classic horror movie theme songs. While staying true to the notes and melodies, he completely reversed the tone of the music by switching from minor to major keys. What's the difference?

Nothing much, except there's a smaller chance you'll creep people out if you listen to these on your speakers. Ish. Let's just say the twist turns it from "I'm going to kill you in your sleep" to "I'm a slightly creepy but mostly just very happy leprochaun, la-dee-da-dee-da!" So yeah, it's a major difference (see what I did there?)

Muted Vocal has uploaded ten of these covers on its YouTube channel, so put on your dancing shoes and have a listen:

In the above videos, you'll find the theme songs in the following order:

  • In the first: The X-Files, Halloween, Saw, The Exorcist, and A Nightmare On Elm Street.
  • In the second: Jaws, The Fog, Psycho, Phantasm and The Omen.
Toothbrush Scene In Bring It On/Universal Pictures
Toothbrush Scene In Bring It On/Universal Pictures

If you're a big horror movie fan, you'll relate to the struggles of never being able to listen to your favorite movies' soundtracks on a regular basis. I mean you could, but if you blasted those songs throughout the day you may just drive your roommates to the brink of insanity.

Just imagine doing something as mundane as brushing your teeth, but to the original theme song of Friday the 13th. Maybe a bit extreme... Or just hilarious. Then again, some people have gotten married in that spirit. Who am I to judge, maybe you just want to add some horror-movie thrill to your everyday life? At least with these versions, your freaky thoughts are better kept to yourself.

Would you listen to these covers on a daily basis?

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