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Anyone who says they haven't tried hunting down a radioactive spider or knowingly exposed themselves to gamma radiation is a liar. Honestly, who doesn't want to be a superhero?

Well, mad scientist and all-round awesome guy Colin Furze is making childhood dreams come true on his Youtube channel, creating futuristic gadgets that endow him with the abilities of everyone's favorite X-Men.

Why deal with the persecution of mutant life when you can just send Furze a cheeky email and ask him to hook you up with some bad ass superpowers?

In Furze's latest video, the eccentric Brit has created a liquid nitrogen palm blaster, enabling him to emulate the powers of Iceman. The contraption initially used compressed carbon dioxide, similar to what one can find in a fire extinguisher, but it wasn't cold enough for Furze's purposes, so in the end, he decided to use liquid nitrogen at a lovely temperature of -321 degrees Fahrenheit (-196 degrees Celsius).

Via Youtube
Via Youtube

In the video, Furze demonstrates the various capabilities of his Cryopack, which enables him to shatter grass, freeze water solid and even create ice cream. While dairy products won't help much against the likes of Magneto, Furze will be a hit at parties nationwide with his latest invention.

Sure, Furze's blast range is somewhat limited and it probably wouldn't hurt to wear some protective gloves, but his contraption is still far safer than injecting an experimental Super Soldier serum into yourself or even being exposed to cosmic rays.

Try making this happen, Furze!
Try making this happen, Furze!

However, if the liquid nitrogen blaster isn't your cup of iced tea, Furze has also emulated a number of other powers from the X-Men comics, which we've kindly shared here for your convenience.

Fancy shooting 12 foot flames like Pyro at your next outdoor BBQ? Here's how you do it:

Ever wanted to fly into a berserker rage like Wolverine? We hope you don't, but just in case you're thinking about it, here's how you recreate those iconic claws:

Do you find that walking on the floor has become boring and tiresome for you? Well now you can walk on the ceiling thanks to Furze's magnetic boots, which are sort of like Magneto's power set, kind of:

Iceman fans who can't get hold of Furze's invention will be happy to hear that Shawn Ashmore wants to play the mutant hero again soon in a future X-Men film, exploring the character's homosexuality in a way that's more faithful to the latest iteration of comics.

Which X-Men's powers should Colin Furze try to recreate next?

This could get messy.
This could get messy.

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