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Like most kids, I grew up watching The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Jungle Book on repeat — these movies formed a huge part of my childhood and thus it comes as no surprise that some were so influenced that they got the characters inked upon their bodies permanently.

Like the 15 guys below for example, who all got their skin pricked by needles to show their Disney dedication. And no, before you ask, non of them fell into coma as a consequence.

1. How cute are these Artisto-tats?

2. This beautiful Rapunzel tattoo has got us all a bit Tangled!

3. Really digging this abstract Beauty and the Beast watercolor

4. Check out the vibrant colors in this inked Stitch

5. These Disney tatts are abstract and awesome

6. This full Merida arm is Brave AF

7. Loving the line work in this Inside Out tattoo which makes us feel anything but sadness

8. A full leg of Disney tatts — that really is a whole new world of dedication!

9. Mirror, mirror on the thigh

10. Undoubtably this Cruella tattoo is as ragged as intended

11. This Bing Bong isn't going anywhere

12. Keep your friends close and enemies — like the Evil Queen, for example — closer

13. Once upon whose dream, I wonder?

14. This cute elephant tatt is anything but Dumb-o (because it's Jungle Book, duh)

15. Or just keep it cool and breezy with this magical ode to Merlin

Do you have any Disney-inspired tattoos?

Source: Instagram


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