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To keep us good and hyped for Rogue One's release in December this year, Entertainment Weekly just revealed a bunch of official details for all the new characters in the film. Naturally, wild speculation has already begun about whether we'll see old friends return, and what all this means for Star Wars Episode VIII.

One of the most eagerly anticipated characters is Mads Mikkelsen's Galen. Until now, his role in the film was shrouded in mystery, with multiple rumors attempting to fill in the gaps.

Mads Mikkelsen is playing Galen in 'Rogue One'.
Mads Mikkelsen is playing Galen in 'Rogue One'.

Now, it seems as though the rumors were true on at least one point — Galen is indeed Jyn Erso's estranged father, and he's being hunted by the Empire and Rebellion alike for his knowledge. But did he design the Death Star?

Destroyer Of Worlds

For quite some time, rumors were circulating that Mads Mikkelsen was playing an architect with some pretty terrifying designs. While Entertainment Weekly doesn't directly confirm that Galen designed the Death Star, they've dropped some serious hints.

Jyn’s estranged father is like the galactic version of nuclear pioneer J. Robert Oppenheimer, with doomsday knowledge that is sought by both the Empire and the Rebellion.

Considering the rumors were right about Galen being Jyn's father, it's quite possible that the other part of the rumors — that he designed the Death Star — is also true. But we'll have to wait and see to know for sure.

The Death Star in 'Rogue One'.
The Death Star in 'Rogue One'.

It certainly seems, however, that Galen's research is a key factor in why he and his daughter are estranged. Lucasfilm story development chief Kiri Hart talked about how Jyn's history with her father will be a key part of the Rogue One plot, although we'll have to wait to find out how.

"The circumstances of how the family got to the state that it’s in is something that we probably don’t want to share right now."

As we found out in the Rogue One trailer, Jyn has been alone from the age of fifteen, forced to fend for herself in a hostile galaxy.

Could it be that Jyn and Galen parted ways over a contentious issue, like him working with the Empire to create the galaxy's most horrific super weapon? Maybe.

A Terrifying Genius

But even beyond those rumors about the Death Star, it seems as though Galen's genius will cause some big problems for Jyn and her crew, especially if the Empire is still pursuing him.

"He’s one of those people that has insight into, you know, specific aspects of just how the universe works."

Forget an architect or engineer, this statement from Hart makes Galen out to be an astrophysicist with an incredible intellect, able to understand cosmology on a level few of us can comprehend.

Luke and Leia and the galaxy: 'Empire Strikes Back'.
Luke and Leia and the galaxy: 'Empire Strikes Back'.

Although so far it's difficult to tell exactly what this means for Rogue One, but if Galen really is as much of a genius as he seems, then we could be in for a really interesting exploration of the dangers of knowledge, especially when that knowledge falls into the wrong hands.

They do like to eke those hints out to us, don't they! Well, it's no fun if we know the whole story before the film's released. And so far, Rogue One is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

Do you think Galen built the Death Star?

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